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Victor · 9/4/2015
purchase issue fixed but i cannot use a stylus to write

I purchased all of the features only to lose use of stylus. So I cannot write anything!!! and the app crashes when I change the size of the pen stroke ... every time!!! All I want to do is import a pdf and write on it...and after spending 10$ I cannot do that...come on developers, fix it!... This issue is only on the windows 10 app...the windows phone app works outstanding.

H · 8/8/2015

And you have done great job with this update. Thanks. Please make universal app with tablet support.

Shawn · 3/19/2015
No OneDrive Support

If it had OneDrive support I'd buy it.

ztar · 2/1/2015

free version is totally useless and totally annoying in promoting paid one

Sina · 11/13/2014

About $11 to unlock all features?!!

Shiisun · 4/14/2014


South · 2/21/2014

Suck you into paying to really do anything.

Jim · 1/3/2014

This thing barely does what the free version of OneNote does, and they want you to buy some of the useful things OneNote does as a premium. When I see an app I expect that someone thought of ways to improve on what the phone comes with.

AS. · 6/19/2015

Best note taking app in the store... Love it!

Reviewer 2074 · 5/1/2015
Why not automating?

After lots of writing it was closed by windows and i just found that unlike android version it is not automating and there is no save button! You have to go out of the current note and come back!



  • Take notes with your active pen, finger, or passive stylus
  • Vector graphics engine
  • Multiple paper types (e.g. blank, ruled, graph) and sizes (e.g. infinite, letter, A4)
  • Undo/redo, select, move, and resize
  • Change the color and weight of selected items
  • Cut, copy, and paste items between notes
  • Insert, delete, and rearrange pages within a note
  • Erase entire strokes with the stroke eraser
  • Two finger scroll and pinch-to-zoom
  • Two finger double tap to quickly jump to a specific zoom level
  • Default zoom levels for infinite and fixed size pages
  • Organize notes within notebooks
  • Attach labels to notes to quickly find them in search
  • Import, crop, and resize images
  • Record and attach audio and video to a note
  • Export notes to PDF, PNG, or JPEG for printing, archiving, or sharing
  • Share notes with friends and colleagues via email, Evernote, etc.
  • Pin notes to Start screen for quick access

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Papyrus is now Squid! More info: http://goo.gl/Bc3PYc

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