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Irfan · 6/30/2015

I wish this great App can show remaining balance on the registered Starbucks gift and not just allow the user to reload more money into Starbucks gift card.

Joseph James · 7/21/2015

Works well, one more suggestions able to add money on my Starbucks card on the App itself

Howard · 4/29/2015

As a payment card its the best available right now. The barcode opens quickly and easily but I wish it displayed info like remaining balance, number of stars and available rewards. The former SBux app had all of this but the app has been delisted. There's another app called Starbucks Locator - it has links to your account info

Minga · 5/21/2015

Used to work great. Better than the iOS. Now, store locator doesn't work. Keeps saying to check wifi or cell data connection. I guess no one cares since others have been posting the same issue for a while.

Lisa · 4/6/2015

Has worked great for years. I especially liked being able to filter for drive thru only -- indispensable when I have small kids in the car and doing want to get everyone out just so I can get a cup of coffee :) BUT at some point over the last few months, it stopped being able to connect to Starbucks to get a list of nearby stores. Mobile payments still work, but I didn't use that much anyway. Uninstall :(

Kay · 4/19/2015

Great when it actually worked...which is has not for a while now. It keeps telling me to check my wifi connection...which is working fine for everything but this app. Needs to be fixed!

Rick · 6/29/2015

Was terrific, now broken. App is unable to connect to internet and locate a store

Tim · 5/9/2015

Worked great for awhile,then couldn't connect to Starbucks anymore.

Kristy · 7/28/2015

No card balances and location of stores hasn't worked yet. Only thing this app does is provides the bar codes for your cards.... 😒😈 Get to work with updates!!

David · 5/11/2015

Like other users: Used to be decent app, but store locator quit working. Pretty useless app at this point other than saving me from carrying card. It quit working 2 months ago and I have vs 1.6 so guess I'm stuck. Get tired if windows apps limitations!