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Tailin · 7/13/2015

This app is great! All it needs is a new update with the chat feature. Other than that, it's fine.

Taylor · 6/6/2014

Would be a great app if users had access to the steam store and could purchase games for later download using the app.

Ahmad Ali · 6/10/2015

Gah! I don't think they even need that one star. But I need to place a star for reviewing. I should've looked at the reviews first... I'm deleting this rightaway, and you may be reported...

Earl · 7/28/2015

Great app but It keeps crashing. Please fix.

Gabriel · 3/29/2015

Three stars? Yes. Three stars. This app is great, really it is! It lets you know when friends are online, gives you information on past games, and more! Unfortunately... The developer has either stopped working on the app... Or has deceased. Either way, its really sad. Thus app had great potential. There is another app similar to this that seems to have more features and is being constantly updated. Heck, there's even a Steam chat app! Both third party, of course, but they look promising. Just search "Steam" in the store. Really sad to see such a great app become a ghost...

Leon · 4/6/2015

Great app but it not Always shows all your groups for some reason

Zack · 1/29/2015

Horrible, you don't even use your log in info, you use a number instead. Insecure app! Not recco.ended!

Samuel · 1/8/2015

I just can't understand how this app has a 3 star average. It's great! The only real tweak I can think of is I wish that there was an ad free "pro" version. It would also be nice if steam messaging was incorporated into this app as well, but they've promised that as an update in the future. This app is good for keeping up with Steam news as well your friends. You can jump on at any time and immediately see who's online and exactly what there doing at the moment as well as all the other games that they play. This app also gives you the capability the view your own game achievements and even in-game load-outs. This app is great for a free Steam app, and when coupled with a Steam messenger app, more than you'd ever even need.

Sean · 7/28/2014

Sucks. Can't use chat, view inventory, view groups. Also it hasn't been updated in a long time. The app crashes if you try to view someone's profile that is private and also often loads infinitely.

Grayson · 3/25/2014

I think the app is great but it has some bugs in the system. Like when I connect to public WiFi, when I slide my screen to the friends list, the app closes. And I think you should be able to find friends by name and not account number. Otherwise those, good app.


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