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Skyler · 8/21/2015
Works perfectly

I wish steam icons were square instead of 16:9 so the live tiles looked a little nicer, but that is ultimately the fault of Microsoft/Valve (depending on your perspective) and Element26 have done a fine job.

Samir · 8/21/2015
Pretty good

I'd be happier if the game launched directly. The game tile launches the app which then launches the game. The tiles look much better than the shortcuts I would manually put.

Mark · 8/8/2015

A fairly well done app for pinning your Steam games to your Start screen. The only problem is that the tiles only look correct in the wide size. Any other size and the game logo gets cropped. Not sure if this can be fixed though,

Jacob · 7/30/2015
It's okay...for what it's meant to do.

I was hoping for something a little more while downloading this app, but there are a few downsides that really threw off my desire to keep it. One thing I must point out is that the app requires you to open it to view any of the Steam game tiles you created. Another thing? Whenever I click on a tile I created, it brings me to Big Picture mode within Steam instead of starting the actual game. The reason for this is because I am unable to correctly set any of my game's file paths using Steam Tile(the app). One feature I would like to see implemented is a function that allows pinning game tiles to the start menu in Windows 10 and Windows 8. In my personal opinion, having to start the Steam Tile app just to access my games is sort of...let's just say I'm not fond of it. Overall, it does what it says it will do on some level. I currently give a 2/5 rating for this app. Wouldn't necessarily recommend to anyone.

Michael · 7/31/2015
Needs More Work

Needs to have a setting that stops the app from re-opening when starting a game. It also needs some updated pictures on how to setup/find your Steam ID for those who are unfamiliar with the process. Otherwise it's great. I'll change my rating if it gets updated.

Rob · 7/17/2015
It could use more options

I like having a nice metro-style tile to put in my Windows 10 Start Menu. That's really the big sell of this app, but I don't like how it stays open after the game launches and I don't like having just one size of tile. I'd like to be able to make a wide live tile out of the banner shown in Steam Tile, where the tile flips and shows your achievements and such. In fact, I'd pay a few bucks for that utility.

Daniel · 7/30/2015
Almost There

I love this app, except for the fact that square tiles look terrible. I wish there was a way to add custom tiles to it so that square tiles look better.

Reviewer 4026 · 7/21/2015
can't find profile

Pictures in the app do not show an updated steam look and I am unable to find the profile ID that it wants. I hope this gets addressed because I want to use this app

Frank Ove · 7/31/2015
Works great in Windows 10!

As stated above it works with windows 10 and it is pretty cool to see your steam games lined up beautifully. Wish there were more steam game tiles options available, but nonetheless an awesome app!

Reviewer 1067 · 8/5/2015
Doesn't work.

No pictures are showing, can't click on anything. The app is broken.



  • Pin Steam games to the Windows 8 Start Menu
  • See Achievement progress on your live tiles
  • Show off your games and achievements
  • Search for Steam games using the Windows 8 Search Charm

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Version notes

Release 6! * Windows 8.1 tile size support * Search is fixed in 8.1 (new 8.1 style search box) * SQUARE TILES - our most requested feature. When you click on a game, you also select which portion of the banner to crop for your square tiles * Ads are back - we're experimenting with ads again. Anyone who has or will make a donation to steam tile (of any amount) will receive a cheat code that removes ads forever Release 5: * Steam Tile is now ad-free and donation-supported. Donations are entirely voluntary. Steam Tile will always be free to download. Release 4: * Steam Tile is more likely to recover from Steam's server's being flaky - this issue caused many people to simply see the login screen refresh over and over * Steam Tile is now ad-supported Release 3: * Added FAQ to settings charm to help users with common queries * Improved the reliability of the login phase (better error messages) * Recently-bought games should show up very quickly (and you can force a refresh if they don't)

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