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Catherine · 8/24/2015
Disappearing sticky notes

Two of the sticky notes I refer to frequently seem to have disappeared. Prior to this magic trick, the app is easy to use and the ads not to obnoxious. Wonder if it has anything to do with the Windows 10 update???

Reviewer 0691 · 8/29/2015
Lost Saved Notes

it didn't save all my notes and it looks like it never even existed, had important info saved. please fix or add way to view history

Kathryn · 8/24/2015
Less Flexibility than Previous Versions

I still haven't figured out how to remove a picture that appeared for unknown reasons. If I delete it, it will be removed from the entire system. I can't resize the notes with my cursor and I can't attach the notes to different apps. This is less useful than it used to be.

Renee · 8/25/2015

Now that my sticky notes disappear and I can't find a way to make them "stick", this app actually has created more issues for me than ever!! I've imported, exported, saved after every note, locked every note in place.... nothing works.

William · 8/27/2015
Not terribly sticky

I used to have a program that put notes anywhere on the screen, but it's not longer maintained. Having sticky notes just confined within it's own window isn't that useful as I can't just stick them where I want them which is what people do with real sticky notes, and I know you can do that with Windows.

Faraaz · 8/25/2015

Its simple and easy to use! Great for forgetful, busy, and lazy people! 9 out of 10 doctors would recommend this on a daily basis!

Leslie · 8/29/2015
Hate it....

How the simple, suddenly becomes complicated / convoluted / complex...no thank you sticky notes 8. I'll just use the paper version and stick it on my screen before I use this useless App.

Reviewer 9671 · 8/6/2015
Disappearing Notes and Doesn't Save

I love my music and so I write titles of songs and authors in it, I also sometimes write some important DO NOT FORGET information on them, and I'll click save multiple times because I've had these notes not save on me many many times. Today was the last straw because I had a note on it, clicked save a few times (not rapidly clicking) and when I came back to write more on it, the note wasn't even there! Gone just like that. And I had just been on it like ten minutes before. I've had this app for two years or so and it's been hit or miss, but no thank you not anymore good bye app.

Reviewer 8859 · 8/7/2015
Very Nice

My only issue with it thus far is I have been unable to get the copy it syncs to online drive to open, I try open with but sticky notes 8 does not appear in the list nor can I locate it on my pc when I browse for it, if it's too complicated people will move on to whatever is easier.

Reviewer 1718 · 8/3/2015
Much needed app

This is a good app, works like sticky notes in real life. I like that you can pin the notes to the start menu with the other tiles (windows 10). I wish the sticky notes could alert you with a sound (like a alarm ring as a reminder).


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