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ranzen o · 9/3/2015
Simple and good

For me, my notes stay pinned to my Home screen without having to keep the app open all the time, which is good. The different colors and tile sizes are very helpful in organizing my thoughts and helps me assign priority to tasks. Although the font could afford to be bigger, it is easy and helps keep my notes organized. The reason this is four stars however is that 1) if you type out longer notes, it does get irritating to have to scroll just to read it, prompting the need for larger tiles 2) for whatever reason the app itself won't show up in my installed apps, and when I try to pin it to my taskbar (after opening it from the store), the icon won't show up, instead having a blank space. Additionally, it won't let me pin it to Start, either.

Alex · 8/2/2015
Good, could use some tweaks

The UI for editing could be reorganized to avoid unnecessary scrollbars. Also support for large sized tiles would be nice. Otherwise good app.

Reviewer 3915 · 7/23/2015
Couldn't work without it!

I love this app! I use it every day at work. It's such a quick and easy way to make to-do reminders. The best part is that they can't get lost like physical post-it notes. I open my Start menu and they're right there, reminding me what to do next. I couldn't work without it!

Don · 8/15/2015
Not Good

Must use the app to use the notes. I was hoping to be able to place notes on the desktop or start and open the note. Not with this app. The app is the note taker.

Chris · 7/4/2015
Close But.....

doesn't quite hit the mark. Its simple and easy to use but lacks the ability to have large 4x4 size note tiles, custom colors or fonts and editing them is bit annoying, would be great inline/on the note/tile itself. If the app improves would gladly pay for it, but for now the search continues.

Chuck · 3/17/2013
Is it me

I like the concept and design but find it difficult to write or edit a note, because I can't find how to activate the keyboard.

satya · 12/12/2012
why scroll down to write

why that extra scrolling just to type. start typing first then worry about size and other stuff and why does it take up so much space can't it be smaller and to the side. lot of space is wasted. Don't get me wrong I like spaced out menu items but this is a bit too much

Shane · 8/1/2015

Not working for me, the text doesn't show up on my tiles.

Jill · 3/2/2015
Annoying and simply, very bad.

It's hard to edit tiles you already have, so you have to completely delete something to make it right. There aren't that many customization options, and there isn't a 4x4 mode so you can see your longer notes. Also the ads for the free version are very obtrusive.

David · 1/25/2015
Good App

Nice app to make reminders upon. Would like it to have the ability to change size of print and boldness. It is easy to use and quite helpful.



  • 2 Tile sizes
  • 2 Tile types
  • 6 Tile colors
  • Edit pinned Tiles

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v 1.2 App is now ad-supported. Bug Fixes.

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