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Rob · 8/28/2015

Very useful one options set right. Don't use defaults or screen lock will pause countdown or hide stopwatch button.

Gaylene · 8/28/2015

Easy to use. I time my kids as they read. Even they can use it.

Makale · 8/23/2015

"Very useful now that I'm going from Junior High to High School. Comes with a wide variety of different sounds for the alarm, and I just love it!"

Vasu · 8/27/2015

One of the few windows app which I like..😃 easy to use and ads are there but it is small in size.

Ifs · 8/29/2015

Easy to use !! I love how it runs in the background !!

Felipe · 8/17/2015

Alarm won't sound in lock screen mode or if app is not active/open

salar · 8/30/2015

Nice and easy useful app

Mike · 8/18/2015

Use countdown mostly and tumer is good but alarm doesn't always sound when reaches zero time

Ashley · 9/1/2015

Easy to use app.

Dorothy · 8/13/2015

Pluses-Easy to use, tons of alarm and background choices. Can set the most used function as the starting screen. Minuses-Countdown will not sound alarm unless you remember to go into Settings and disable your lock screen. It will still continue to count down, but the alarm won't sound. Would give 5 stars otherwise.


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- minor bug fixes. - improved Alarms functionality.