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abhishek · 5/31/2014

It's giving wrong information about system data in 8.1 even after update

User · 6/18/2013

Great idea. Wish my 822 could run it :-(

Rob · 8/19/2014

Didn't Work all that well in the first place on WP8. Now on WP8.1 the info conflicts with what Storage Sense displays and it only shows a few apps under "Apps" "Details". It used to show ALL Apps prior to cyan/8.1 update. If this is meant for continued use on WP8.1 some fixes are clearly needed.

Drew · 7/15/2014

Reports ridiculous info. Says I have used over 13GB just for settings. That's wrong.

Mohan Singh · 5/31/2014

Please merge this app in "Storage Sense" for Windowsphone 8.1. Because user can find all details in "Storage Sense". So important part of this app is diagram.

a · 2/9/2014

It would be better if user could clear "app data" for each app separately without uninstalling.

Ram · 11/7/2013

Very intuitive, easy to use as well as very useful. Gives a clear, quick breakdown of what's taking up how much storage space. But somewhat confusing to find since it's inside settings but separate from the phone storage item

User · 8/23/2013

Awesome app for getting rid of temp files :)

Brian · 6/19/2013

I had to reset my 810 countless times to clear out the Other section. Nokia or MS needs to find a way to push out their own firmware updates without going through the carriers, because obviously the carrier will not update our phone's firmware themselves, thus keeping us from receiving important utility apps such as this app. Early windows phone 8 adopters such as us better not be shafted just because carriers think it would be easier to force us to buy newer models, rather than supporting the models they are already suppose to support, regardless if they choose to discontinue the sale of a specific model.

Paul · 6/14/2013

I never use caps lock but we NEED A SOLUTION FOR LUMIA 810!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡!!!!¡¡¡


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