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Reviewer 1547 · 8/24/2015

Almost absolutely love it, but it would be nice to back-track on a site. Otherwise, always learning something new!!

Donna · 8/17/2015
Great fun

This app keeps me busy for hours. I love the variety of sites it takes me to

Daniel M · 8/17/2015
Does not work on surface 3 update..never mind see below

Win 10 surface 3 NO controls show. No way to share go back or even close.............. ok figured it out using win 10 in tablet mode. so surprise.... Not really.... have to turn off tablet mode to see controls... app developer issue or new win 10 Now that I know I have to turn off tablet mode, it's just ok. Really can not see what the icon or tile is about until you go there. Once there it is kind of fun but having to toggle each time from tablet mode is a pain. I would rather pay a little for a working app.

Drew · 8/17/2015
Crashes on opening

I love the SU app on Android, but I can't get around this Windows version crashing when I try to open it... I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times to see if that fixed the problem with no success. (It finally opened for me, so I'm cautiously optimistic that something I did worked)

Eric · 8/12/2015
Clean, but maybe too clean

The interface is very nice, with no clutter. But its missing the options that I've become accustomed to, like easily adding things to lists, or having the options available while stumbling. As a side note, it seems to make laptops run hot. Not sure if its well optimized enough, yet, so I think I'll stick to the browser version until this app gets sorted out.

Reviewer 8506 · 8/9/2015
A fun time killer

Keep stumbling. The tablet interface is fun and informative. Even the ad pages tend to be useful more often than not.

Elisha · 8/3/2015
Too many bugs

Pages don't load often and every time I hit stumble, it keeps saying that I've reached the end... I just created an account. I love the idea of this app and love what it does, but I really think it could run a lot better.

Jack · 8/8/2015
Great app/Great site

I love StumbleUpon. It makes the internet fun and informative. This app is very good, the only reason I won't give it 5 stars is it crashes sometimes, for no apparent reason. It is very rare but it happens. Other than that it is awesome! :-)

Gregg · 8/23/2015
Stumble on new ****

I tend to visit the same site over and over and not find new and interesting things. StumbleUpon gives those like me, who lack imagination, a chance to find sites, pictures, ideas, and lots of other stuff you would not normally find just browsing the internets on your own.

Jeannette · 8/4/2015
The App no One Thought We All Needed

Great App! It sticks once in a while and does not always load JPG files, but the idea is great and the app taps into a treasure trove of sites that rarely get seen.



  • Discover awesome new photos, videos and web pages.
  • Use the Share charm to share amazing stuff with friends.
  • Explore over 500 Interests.
  • Enter a phrase in search to Stumble specific Interests.
  • Dive into an immersive, full-screen Stumbling experience.
  • See recommended Stumbles directly in the StumbleUpon Live Tile.

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Hotkeys - Stumble at your leisure using your keyboard's forward and back page navigation keys. Minor bug fixes - Reduced crashes.

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