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Reviewer 6759 · 8/16/2015
Long Time Sugar Sync Customer

Just downloaded the Windows 10 App. I can't seem to find the search function. Seems like a pretty important thing to leave out. To me, that's a rather basic function that should be present and easy to find. But don't let that take anything away from Sugar Sync it's an important part of my day to day productivity. Hopefully they'll add it on an update and/or make it easier to find.

Tran Thanh · 12/14/2012

very good

Steve · 11/1/2012
Glad to have this on RT

I can't live without SugarSync so I was happy to see it here which is why I bought a Surface. This version works okay but feels incomplete in the settings and overall quality. That said, it does work fairly well when I need to get to my stuff.

Raven · 10/26/2012
Great Product

I love this product! I can view my files on my Windows RT tablet

Richard · 8/13/2014
Pretty to look at but dumb as a box of rocks

I pay for the larger capacity but since I got the surface pro, I can't access my files. If they can't improve the app... I may have to cancel subscription and move elsewhere

Ruth · 4/20/2014
can't tell what device files are coming from

I used to be able to tell what device the files were coming from .. no more apparently. Skydrive is looking better and better.. I just wish I had not spent for the extra space. They need some serious upgrades on the app for windows 8.

Joe · 2/4/2014
Love Sugar Sync- hate this version

I want my folders back like they were. I can get around that in windows, but can't seem to with sugar sync. And I can't just select folders and have them automatically updated? Yeuch!

Jonathan · 2/3/2014
Need much better integration with office

My files consistently fail to upload after saving them and re opening sugar sync and there is no clear way to force a re upload attempt. This is something that sugar sync NEEDS to fix.

Will · 10/18/2013
Long file names

Skydrive allows one to touch the file 'tile' to show the full file name and details. Why was this missed in Sugarsync?? It is impossible to distinguish between similarly named files. Your Android app even shows full file names. Remember....RT users have NO option other than web.

Reviewer 7791 · 5/15/2013

This app ruins everything that is good about Sugarsync. No organization by device, no downloads... It is easier and better to just use the web interface. Please overhaul completely.



  • 5 GB Free!
  • Access your photos, documents, and videos from any computer, mobile, or SugarSync website
  • Access files and folders that other people have shared with you
  • Share large files. The people you share with don’t need a SugarSync account to view the files.
  • Browse your photos in full screen mode
  • File and Folder management - create new folders, upload files, download a file, rename, and delete files and folders
  • Live tiles to keep you up to date of the recent changes
  • Pin the most frequently accessed folders to the Start screen for one touch access
  • Snap view so you can keep SugarSync open while browsing the internet, chatting with a friend, or updating facebook
  • On the Go? Stay in Sync with our mobile apps.

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Version notes

New in version 1.1: - access files and folders that other people have shared with you - upload multiple files from your computer to SugarSync - download files from SugarSync to your local computer - save files directly to SugarSync via the share to charm - Support for additional languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish

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