• Streaming Video Karaoke
  • Manage Playlists
  • Over 10,000 Karaoke Songs
  • Easy to use interface
  • Add multiple intervals of time

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Reviewer 9546 · 4/3/2015

This app claims to be free...BUT when you try to play a song after you add it to a playlist, they want money and a lot of it. Over $70 a month. Do not fall for the free the only thing free is the download...and the it is almost impossible to get rid of,

Mary · 2/19/2014

I installed, but the app will not open. It brings me back to the store and attempts to repair it, but does nothing.

vicente · 8/4/2014
Boris Yeltsin has eBay breach of course of

It dosing work

Greg · 6/24/2013
It could be a lot better

I would like it to automatically play to the Xbox360 at all times, unless I turn it off. searching could be A LOT easier. Bringing in features from their other software packages would be nice.

Miela · 2/10/2013
Sunfly app

The only thing that comes up when you open this app is the title on black screen

Roman · 2/25/2013
No trial

I can't try anything, I won't be pay for black box(gray)

Edward JP · 1/16/2013
I'll just go to the Karaoke Bar

Youre f'n kiddng me right? The only REAL Karaoke app this godforsaken Windows 8 trash has, and you force users to buy time, by falsely promoting the app as free? I will admit, the song selections is VERY CURRENT and Impressive, but If I wanna pay to do karaoke, I can go down the street to one of 5 bars, instead of siting at home doing it alone... Thanks, but NO thanks.

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