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VijSA · 8/15/2012

Is there going to be any update like the android one

Charles · 2/21/2015

Very well done. Would like the ability to change streams from the substream to the master stream for better resolution. Maybe in the next update. BTW, thank you a really useful app. ,

Ronik · 9/16/2014

Really nice app. It works perfectly well on my Nokia Lumia 1020. The only shortcoming is that I cannot change the alarm tone from the default. There are no crashes or issues that I read in the reviews.

Jared · 7/31/2014

It works very well with my security system. I do wish it had some missing features, but it has been Sta le for me and I can't find any alternatives for Windows Phone... So I can't complain too much.

Tim · 5/19/2014

It worked great for a week on my QT Q-see DVR. Now, it shuts down when I hit the live view. Please fix this. Using Nokia 920 Windows phone. UPDATE: 5/19/14 I can't log in now. I think this app has been abandoned by the developers. No help to be found.

JP · 5/1/2014

Works fairly decently once I figured out the integration. However, there are options missing like see 4 cameras at once, just swiping between cameras, and browsing stored history. Also, this has not been updated since v1.0 in 2011, so I'm concerned about it being abandoned and then not having a built-in app to work with QT Q-See units.

Toufue · 4/11/2014

Can't connect with high resolution main stream. Need to support substream. Also, add a support POC would be nice. I would be willing to pay for the app if it works with substream.

Dave · 3/1/2013

works great with wp8, but I cannot find the individual pictures I saved in phone or pc.

Player768555100 · 3/18/2012

Great, used this on iPhone before and was anxiously awaiting version for WP7. Has all features, a bit buggy when switching sites but great overall. Especially like the landscape feature, should be able to jump to next cam from that view though. Works with DDNS, needs an update for time, am shows up in 24hr format, 10am is displayed as 22. Confirmed settings on DVR, problem is with app.

JugadorShetty · 1/10/2012

Works great - is easy to set up and use!!! Just the time on the live feed is not accurate, even though the feed is.


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