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Grace · 5/3/2013

Works one minute thn stops the next

User · 12/7/2012

Worked fine then it crashed.

Ray Starrz · 9/24/2011

Needs work, its not that bad but when you press the download button nothing happens. It needs to be tweaked. Same with the free one. It doesn't want to download. Fix this

Ugot it at Ross · 1/19/2012

Gets the job done and also lets u sync any songs to your PC.. :)

Holidaylvr · 1/9/2012

Although this app does what it says, it is EXTREMELY difficult to use. I come from an Android phone where these music apps simply ask you to search a song and the result pops up immediately. With this app however, it is far from that simple. First you have to find and decide upon a website to download your music from. Once you do that, you're basically on the internet searching the site for music to download. Once it is downloaded and you want to put the music on your computer you have to download additional software on your computer which comes with ZERO directions on how to do so. This app is very complex and I would not recommend it for non-technologically advanced persons (at least the syncing the music to your PC part). If the dev is able to simplify the app and perhaps even make it easy like the android equivalents THEN this would be an app worth taking serious. Not impressed at all.... HTC radar 4G

ObnoxiousWays · 12/1/2011

I've noticed the crash will stop when I pause the song being automatically played. After that I'll try again to make playlists but then I get kicked out of app; however, if you notice the 1 second window that you have before it kicks you out, just hit the play/pause button and it will actually play the song and app won't crash. Hope that helps.

Lindney · 10/23/2011

Great app! If you like free music, this is definitely worth the money. Super fast download speed and tons of available music download websites if you don't already have your own. Reduce the delay time for background play and you got yourselves a 5 star app!!!

UnheardHurdle27 · 10/9/2011

Awesome App! FYI Use Skull website to get downloads. By far that website is the best of all of them. Only issue is once you download so many songs to that it requires you to scroll down you cannot check the last song to bring it to the playlist but really can't complain too much. Beats paying thru the wazu for Zune

jaime540 · 10/8/2011

Really good app especially after mango update now can play free music while multitasking

GreyAlchemist · 10/2/2011

I really like this app. While it is difficult to find songs to download on some of the provided websites, others are easy to find and download songs. I really like the inclusion of ringtones and that the place to find them is a favorite on the list. Adding ringtones is super easy. I wish you could make more than one playlist but overall its a good app, I really enjoy using it.


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