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Richard · 8/16/2015

Used to be a good app. Now the alarm almost never goes off. What friggin good is it

Fabiano · 9/9/2013

Great App. (4 Stars) - version

Alan · 6/8/2013

App initially free fully functional with multiple timers. Then after update it became a "free trial" app with a single timer. If it was free during a promotional, then don't trick the user into updating the app to take away the multiple timers. What a cheap shot!!! Uninstall. Countdown is a better app.

Steve · 3/22/2013

My favorite timer app.

David · 2/9/2013

Went from good to sucky. It looks good, but the tutorial is no help. The settings are difficult to understand.

Nathan · 11/26/2012

Works as advertised. Love that a default timer can be started via a live tile.

Jeremiad Kain · 6/11/2012

No thanks, I'll get a timer app from someone who can decide whether he wants to charge or not and skip the updates that rip you off instead of adding anything.

L1ke 20 N1njas · 5/19/2012

I would love this app. That's if I hadn't already been using it for free for months. The developer has stripped the normal version of nearly all functionality and added ads, then dubbed it the "free" version. Skip this jerkface and find a better app. (I downloaded this trial just to leave this review. Now I'm uninstalling)

Jerry · 5/30/2015

Ok. After trying it, I decided to stay with Quick Timer. Also the tutorial message coming up when the ship stays is annoying.

Trevor · 4/25/2015

Voice commands no longer work. Cortana interprets "SuperTimer" as "super timer" and this prevents app voice commands from functioning. Please fix!


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