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Reviewer 2105 · 6/26/2015
Surface Trackpad App

Version Only gave this a 1 star. Would really put about a dozen minuses in front of it. Talk about worthless!!!!! Using Surface Pro 2 w/ Win 8.1. Did the permissions thing, told that the app was installed and functional but got the error message that the Trackpad was unable to be configured. Did the suggestions...nothing. Read the reviews about Win 8.1 having the capability to shut this stupid thing off...wondering what Win 8.1 they're using. The only thing I have available is to change the primary mouse buttons and the number of scroll lines. I've been exposed to touchpads for over 15 years and have hated them for all that time. I have a cheap ol' Samsung laptop and even they provided a way to shut that pad off. C'mon Microsoft...ya' got any code writers that have the consumer of their products in mind? Either fix it or quit writing apps. I see we're given 1000 characters for these reviews. That's not enough to cover all the names I've called this thing.

Susan · 10/28/2014
Works, Sort of

This app does not work as well as I hoped. Changing the settings does turn the trackpad off. However, after short time it will be on again, even though it is still set to off.

Eric · 11/19/2013
Doesn't recognize type cover 2

I've tried the trouble shooting steps and it still isn't recognizing my type cover 2.

Jeffrey · 11/5/2014
Please Add...

Great start for a much-needed tool. However, I'd love an option that would allow me to automatically turn off the trackpad when a mouse is in use (USB or Bluetooth).

Tyler · 10/31/2014
Does what its supposed to.

Could used a few more features like sensitivity, keyboard responsiveness seems to be lacking in word.

Anthony · 10/29/2014

To get to settings do this: 1. Open Charms bar. (swipe in from the right) 2. Select "Settings" (next to the gear icon) 3. When settings open, at the bottom select "change PC settings". 4. "PC Settings" will open. 5. Click the top option under PC Settings, "PC and Devices". 6. Under PC and Devices you will see "Mouse and Touchpad". Click that and all the settings you want will appear. More than this app offers.

Tommy · 8/8/2014
Needs to be update

This would be a great app if it was current. Adding MS Keyboard guide info would be a huge help.

Chris · 8/5/2014
Does not work, Surface Pro 3, all updates

Simply does not work. Keeps telling me there is no type cover installed. Despite there obviously being one. Have all updates installed etc. It's worth as much as I paid for it, absolutely nothing in other words

Rob · 7/16/2014
Tap To Click Problem resolved, app does not work

For those looking to solve the Tap To Click issue that this app used to solve for Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3, go to this article: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/forum/surfpro3-surfhardware/surface-pro-3-disable-tap-to-click/410e081b-be05-4a71-bf85-9c1bb97af666 . The option "Turn off Taps" solved the problem for me. It is hidden.

Will · 7/3/2014
Doesn't work with Surface Pro 3

"No trackpad is connected. Attach a Touch Cover or Type Cover." I always bought into the "Macs are reliable because Apple knows exactly what hardware people use and has fewer strange driver problems" argument. But apparently Microsoft can't make a computer that works even when they control all of the hardware and software. I really like this thing, but it's embarrassing that the keyboard/trackpad periodically stops working and has to be disconnected to reset it. That's been around for 2 years with the original Surface Pro and it's still not fixed. I'd like to say "It's a new product, I'm sure updates will fix everything," but don't hold your breath.

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