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Search page is no longer virtualized. Fixed issue with HTML5 games not installing. HTML5 Games no longer show tabs when dragging.

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jack · 7/26/2015

My favorite browser app. I have tried ALL (literally all) of the browser apps in the store (the ones with full support for 8.1), and I would recommend Surfy to everyone. Please rate Surfy to ensure that we will continue to be blessed with regular update. TO THE DEV TEAM: Since updating to 8.1 Surfy will crash seemingly at random on my Nokia 910. I have no dev tools on my phone, therefore have not done any bug 🐛 tracking, but it seems to happen more often on sites with large amounts of content (larger amounts, but not enough to run out of data (i.e. You have ran out of data at line:1))

T · 7/13/2015

Before reviewing and rating this app, I tested it thoroughly under different available scenarios for about two months. It works quite well, except in one instance... IE works better when there's very limited data speeds. Otherwise, when a connection of adequate speed is maintained the browser works super. Only issue I have is that when I open multiple tabs it sometimes crashes... But usually only more than three tabs. I did pay for this app, and I really like its features. Hopefully, it will be well maintained and add to its security to preserve our basic rights to privacy. Keep up the good work! ~THC

Sergiu · 7/13/2015

Good. Would become better if night mode will be like high contrast and after switching between applications do not leaving the speed browsing. I like this one!

Robert · 7/6/2015

Overall better than IE or any other web browser available on windows phones but a few problems: 1. Can only have up to 3 tabs at a time 2. Listen to page function also reads adds not just the article and doesn't let you select a specific part of the page. 3. Not any faster than IE. 4. Crashes a lot 5. Live tile is transparent but has weird color combo that clashes with most of the options I have for backgrounds Pros: 1. Looks much better than IE 2. Functions more like a desktop browser than a dumbed down phone browser.

Nik · 6/29/2015

Very solid web browser. Very clean, pretty, and an amount of customizable. Crashes a little bit, especially when running 3 or more tabs. Still, I enjoy this app very much.

Howard · 7/13/2015

Great app! I very much enjoy the duck duck go search engine that's keeps your privacy. The only three problems I have with it is that the browser shuts down with the bigger webpages. It could be because of my less the amazing phone but internet explorer never shuts down.. Some pages never stop loading and lastly the app always wants me to rate it. I would recommend. 8/10 9/10 with rice.

Doug · 6/28/2015

Awesome. Speed mode. Night dimmer. Really fast even with multiple tabs open. Works great on Windows Phone 8. Works on 8.1, too.

Nik · 6/30/2015

Great alternative internet browser. Easy to use and lots of great features.

Asad · 7/22/2015

So far the best browser for wp8 but still lack few features.

carlo · 6/18/2015

Still new to this browser app so I haven't taken in the full surf experience yet. It's simple and user-friendly for most of the pages I visit. The only issues I have right now is that I don't see a feature for saving pages for offline viewing, and my tabs are limited to just three at a time before maximum.