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What's New in version 3.4 • Fixed bug which prevented the Timer tool from being pinned to the Start screen • Fixed bug which prevented the Reminder tool from being pinned to the Start screen • Fixed bug where app quit immediately when returning to the main page when there's no Internet connection • No longer use the scale transition on the main page to speed up navigation • Tools are arranged alphabetically by default on the main page What's New in version 3.3 • Smaato ads disabled to prevent crash What's New in version 3.2 • Removed the rear facing camera requirement • The Mirror tool will quit if no front facing camera detected • Properly dispose the AudioVideoCaptureDevice object used by the flashlight tool when app is closed to avoid error • Fixed crash when the mirror tool is used after the flashlight tool was previously activated • Updated the ads serving code

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Joab · 6/25/2015

I love all the uses that this app brings. I don't know if it tells you this, but you can pin individual tools to the start.

steve · 4/15/2015

Great but not windows phone compatible 😨

H. · 8/27/2014


Jackie · 8/9/2014

This app is great. Has the best weight loss tracker. To do list crashes all the time.

Maria · 5/21/2014

Compass does not work on my nokia625

Mark · 5/12/2014

Everything is off the ruler is measuring ever 2 inches as 1 inch and the level is off when something is level its at -4.2 there is alot more than just these two things that don't work right...

Jeff · 12/22/2013

Jewish Application Alert! 10 uses and then you pay! What kind of Swiss Army Knife is that? Did they pay to use there Swiss name? Doubt it.

Mitch · 12/12/2013

Just ok

Philip · 6/30/2015

Love this app! On a shoot with a camera jib today and couldn't find my bulls eye level for the pedestal. Not needed with Swiss Army Knife on my phone.

thomas · 7/21/2015

Awesome! I download this app every time I get a new phone.