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Reviewer 6828 · 6/1/2015
Looks good but....

Some odd behavior before I'd trust it with my read/unread. First, after adding my Feedbin subscription, I had to restart the app before anything showed up. Then the UI uses the word "books" to refer to my feeds, which doesn't inspire confidence.

Psum · 4/4/2014
Fantastic news reader, highly recommended!

This is beautiful looking and very fast app. I think every feature is very thoughtfully designed. I love how the content is laid out on my Surface and big desktop PC making good use of screen space. Articles look really good and work even when the internet is not available. Features like sharing, reading list are awesome. I love the sidebar where I can see comments by other newsblur users and related stories, with every release it gets better. I wish you include some dictionary support :-)

Rajesh · 12/13/2013
Best RSS Reader - paid or free

I have been searching for good RSS feed reader for quite sometime. This app is the best and it doesn't get better as it's free. Does everything it says, UI is modern, clean and efficient and very fast. Syncs seamlessly with my NewsBlur account.

Bryan · 6/28/2013
Very Impressive app

I have only been using it for a day, but it just works. The UI and performance is great. I would like to see more options added like the option to remove the Mark Read as all confirmation dialog and change the sorting.

Rohit · 6/15/2013
I like the app but...

The problem is that it downloads all the articles from the feed. So my Business Insider has over 500 article as unread. Every time I open the app it tries to sync all the article. It takes a long time.If the app allows me to set how mane article should it download then I think it will be worth a 4 star. I hope developers are reading this and do something about it. @rohitharsh (twitter)

Hal · 6/9/2013
Perfect Newsblur reader

I finally don't miss Google Reader and the variety of apps available for accessing it. Tahiti does exactly what I need.

Matt · 4/25/2014
Works great, looks great

Functions as promised and gives a very clean look to my feed and articles. Highly recommended.

Leonard · 3/12/2014
Clean, Fast

Works great with FeedBin. I'd like to see a Readability option in the display but for $0 it's a good deal.

Frederick · 1/13/2014
Blank - no feeds when linking to Newblur

Just installed the app and tried to configure it to link to my Newsblur account. It would not connect to import my feeds.

Mark · 10/27/2013
Nice RSS app, great for Feedbin users

Pros: Blazing Fast, Offline Support Cons: UI could use a few tweaks I use this with Feedbin. It gets the job done, and is blazing fast (I'm using a Surface 2). Offline reading is awesome. "Mobilizer" is like readability and generally works well. UI could use ability to change font size. And a live tile would be nice. But these are minor quibbles and for free, you can't go wrong. I would pay a few $$ for this app, for sure.



  • Off-line support
  • Built-in mobilizer
  • Your subscriptions, reading lists are synced in cloud.
  • Optimized for touch devices.
  • Full support for Windows 8.1

App details

Version notes

THIS RELEASE Fixed Readability sync issue. General bug fixes and performance improvements. Ability mark 'all above' or 'all below' the selected story. This option van be found in the App bar. RELEASE 6 Windows 8.1 support with new UI theme. Text engine is rewritten to be faster and readable. Read your Readability stories right in the app. Bug fixes and a lot of performance improvements all around. RELEASE 5 NewsBlur Authentication fix. Changes to support NewsBlur API changes for the free accounts. RELEASE 4 Usual tweaks, fixes and improvements. NEW Ability to see stories in reverse date order, configure this from the 'Options' charm. Dismiss confirmation dialog when marking all stories as read. Ability to mark stories older than a day or a week as read. RELEASE 3 Big performance gains as a result of complete re-write of the sync engine. Ability to subscribe to feeds from within the app (via the Sidebar) Many fixes and improvements. RELEASE 2 FIXED Intermittent crashes while first sync with NewsBlur. Performance and reliability improvements.

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