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Jasmine · 3/20/2013

This app has crashed soo many times. I can send a voice message and it comes out all staticy. Now it has crashed and will not connect for me or anyone on my list. Great job.

Jeff · 2/13/2013

Too many crashes. Multiple reports to developer and no response. I'm moving on to try something else.

Jason · 6/4/2013

I love talkbox's clean UI and ease of use. But the program has always been incredibly buggy. I've used it now on Android and windows phone. This windows version crashes all the time and when it dies, I lose messages 😞. I really wish the team would fix all the bugs, because it could truly be ab amazing app.

sina · 4/13/2013

I gave it three stars, bcoz I can't copy the messages I've sent. Please add this ability. And one more thing to be fixed is the problem of sending pictures, every pic take 5 minutes or more to be sent, but in other programs ,which I don't want to say, it's fast and easy. Thank you so much.

Feraas · 1/4/2013

Good app especially since its cross platform but there are some flaws Pros: -Cross platform -Nice interface -Quick message send/receive even pictures Cons: -Takes too long to open when receiving message notification (reopens app even if its already open and you have to go through the splash screen again) -Does not support rotation for keyboard phones or landscape typing If these issues are fixed it will be a great app!

James · 1/2/2013

I've been having fun with this. A must-have for me and my gf. It would be nice if you could copy text and open links from text IMs.

Daniel · 12/24/2012

Absolute failure on WP8, messages lost, app constantly closing.

Fritz · 12/20/2012

Its great but keeps messing up like deleting the conversations

distantbluestar · 10/2/2012

Is awesome but since the new update, keeps crashing! it also glitches sometimes while playing the messages. It doesn't notify me of new messages on the live tile anymore either :/ please fix these things!

Player901953582 · 8/7/2012

Really cool app. Like voxer prob alil better except for that fact that no one knows about it. I told like 40 of my friends to DL it since most platforms can. It needs some fixes like being able to view a photo before u send, and being able to customize alil more. Being able to change name. Etc...


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