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moza1961 · 1/8/2012

Noticed that some of the more recent reviews are pretty negative. I signed up for the $10 year plan, connect to my work and home pc's access files on my desktop, network and SharePoint at work and stream music and movies from home. Can also access these on line via PC. I would like some further options (sort by date) but nothing I can't live without.

Player901096325 · 4/30/2011

Homepipe worked great for a couple months. Now, though, I constantly have server errors, login errors, timeouts. There is absolutely NO help, other than a copyandpaste logfile (which is always empty). Furthermore, the service may be free to sign up, but it costs to actually use it. Don't bother. It needs a tremendous amount of work before it is close to being usable.

teemark1 · 12/8/2010

One of my favorite and most useful apps, at least until there is a Dropbox app for WP7. I was recently able to put a PDF in my Dropbox from my work laptop, connect to my Home PC, browse to the Dropbox folder (that had sync'd ) and pull down the PDF to my phone with Homepipe. Occasional connection issues, especially if phone is using home wi-fi network. I suspect Homepipe server sees both connections coming from the same IP address due to NAT, and can't load both. Turning off wi-fi on phone allows connection when on the same network as the home PC.

Prof Julie · 11/18/2010

Home Pipe is a must have application for every windows phone. Having this application on my phone has made it so easy to copy files from my desktop computer to my phone...no emailing required. Thanks for creating such a great app!

windows7life · 11/14/2010

Great app! User interface is clean and app provides greater functionality than most paid apps!

greg · 4/24/2015

Awesome. Use this for Seagate personal cloud. Seagate Central.

YPChase · 7/24/2012

Kinda expensive...

Ajay · 12/3/2012

Useless & Slow

WeltyRock · 11/6/2011

I appreciate your concern towards one of the issues with wp7, but trust me its not working. I tried to sign up many times but its failing everytime. can you fix this...

RoboDad · 1/10/2011

I could not navigate to any subfolder from my phone, and when I tried, even the web version would tell me the agent was no longer running (even though it was).


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