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30 June 2015 (2.1.9) - Fixes review tab - Fixes login via API key

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John · 6/19/2015

Finally a tourist app that works with windows phone. Access to notes, labels, etc. Different interface than the web, so a touch slow, but head and shoulders above the mobile web site. Nice job!

Gabriel · 7/4/2015

I just updated this app and it always crash in initialization! (despite that, was great when it was working)

Dan · 7/11/2015

Has potential for 5 stars but I had problems with data being lost and not being able to at least review the tasks after they've been completed.

pyry-lii · 6/18/2015

Haven't tried better task application for a long time.

John · 4/5/2015

Shares most of Todoist's shortcomings, particularly no way to see all completed items or sort completed items, which makes the app useless for groceries unless u retype the same stuff in every time. Also does not work without a data connection, marking a task complete will fail if you can't get data inside the grocery. Also when the phone screen goes off this app often wakes to its start screen instead of where it left off. Once these 3 bugs are fixed the app will be ready for beta testing. Until then don't waste your time with Todoist on WinPhone.

Mark · 4/2/2015

I love this app and I love that todoist picked up the developer and this will become official. I used todoist in the past, but when I moved to WP I moved to another task manager until I found this one. Love it, and thanks for the app and support! Developers like this make WP worth it!

Vašek · 5/11/2015

Good app but I can imagine better UX. Definitely best client for Todoist.

Kevin · 2/25/2015

This is a fantastic app. I wasn't very excited about todoist until I discovered taskcrunch. Now I use Todoist everyday and probably use this app five out of seven days. It is excellent!

Daniele · 9/1/2014

Hands down the best task manager app on the store, whether or not you are a Todoist user. It syncs in background, shows uncompleted tasks on the live tile, is fast, stable, frequently updated and the developer is very responsive.

Firdaus · 6/30/2014

Windows Phone deserves a great GTD app and this app from a solo indie developer puts big companies with bigger resources to school on how to do it right. Am a paid user and I am happy that he's responsive and has been constantly updating the app. Hope that he considers making it a universal app!