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Reviewer 8506 · 7/1/2015
Is this company still in business?

I bought this so I could sync between my Surface Pro 3 and Windows Phone. I paid for their premium sync service, but every time I try to register with their proprietary sync service, I get an error. This is consistent across two Surface Pro 3s and two different Windows Phones. Requests for support have been completely ignored for weeks.

Gypsy · 2/1/2015
Easy to use, nice features. with had sub tasks.

I tried a million tasks list apps. most were lacking, had a dumb interface, didn't suit my need (sync to my windows phone), or were limited unless you paid. As for a free app, this one is great. Sub tasks would make it perfect. I would even pay for it.

Jared · 10/27/2014

Great app! Wish it weren't so buggy. Spent 15 minutes with it and found multiple issues. Not useable in its current form.

Ricky · 10/23/2014
No repeating tasks for Exchange?

Task & Notes on Android supports repeating tasks so I don't see any reason why this one can't.

Mark · 10/21/2014
Good start but needs some serious polish

No password recovery! As a paid customer, I am pretty shocked at the lack of support offered by Telerik's web site. Still doesn't support different snap sizes we got in Windows 8.1.

Ryan · 9/8/2014
Great effort, but buggy

This app has the best idea for task management but unfortunately there are stability issues, duplicate item issues, and some other annoying bugs. I spoke with Telerik and unfortunately they have no releases planned. Contact them via e-mail or Twitter and let them know you would like at least a maintenance update.

WO · 9/6/2014
No live tile to speak of

The live tile only shows a count. It doesn't appear to show any tasks. Bummer.

Steve · 7/26/2014
Not Connecting Exchange Server

This may work for Google but I could not get it to log onto our exchange server. Another task manager did link, so must be problem with App. Don't buy until you try!

Mark · 5/15/2014
Almost everything I want in a Task Manage

I've only been using this app for two days so this opinion is not thorough. What I can say is that the interface is attractive, fluid and easy to use. What it lacks is the ability to create hierarchy with sub-tasks, although that can likely be substituted with priority sorting etc. Also, I have to sign-in for the Google sync every time I leave and come back to my PC after a while. Once I eliminate this hassle, I'll feel confident to purchase the full-featured application. Finally, drag and drop to manage/rearrange tasks into different projects would be handy. A little buggy at times with resizing itself in "snap view" and refreshing due dates, but overall, a great and snappy application that is a pleasure to use and to look at. Hadn't crashed once yet.

Salman · 3/23/2014
Google Task Sync should be free

I love this app but the only problem is this is not handy.. If I get this synchronized with google tasks then this will be my first priority in task management. right now its quite useless and tiresome to type everything but don't get it all synced in my android.



  • Task reminders/notifications
  • Live Tiles
  • Recurrent Tasks
  • Sync between multiple devices (in-app purchase with 21 days free trial)
  • Cloud backup (in-app purchase with 21 days free trial)
  • Voice notes (in-app purchase with 21 days free trial)
  • Picture notes
  • Snap view support
  • Filtering and sorting
  • "Search" and "Share" charm support
  • Option to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server and Office365 (in-app purchase with 21 days free trial)
  • Attach location info to any task (in-app purchase with 21 days free trial)
  • Option to synchronize with Google Tasks (in-app purchase with 21 days free trial)

App details

Version notes

In this update we've included many performance improvements and two new major features - support for Google Tasks and - support for Cloud backup and sync via our dedicated Cloud Services. By using the Telerik Cloud Service you will be able to sync all the data which you enter in Tasks with other machines. Windows Phone 8 devices will also be supported very soon.

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