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User · 8/19/2014


Jason · 12/7/2012

Good start. 401k value is ignored. Checked IRS rules. I wonder what else they screwed up.

Ashmot · 3/20/2012

Does not work at all. Displays all zeroes in the overview even after I filled in all the figures. Multiple times.

Tom in Redmond · 2/26/2012

It's okay. Business income should be more detailed.

hbj200 · 2/10/2012

Comprehensive and nice looking, but not really useful on a smartphone.

M · 4/6/2014

It could be a great app, but it messed up the one thing that a tax calculator absolutely positively has to do right: calculate taxes. It overestimated my taxes by NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS and just about gave me a heart attack. Fortunately I quickly realized that the numbers it was giving were ridiculous. I closed and reopened the app -- without making any changes to my inputs -- and it managed to pull its head out and give a more reasonable result. Not your finest moment, Intuit.

C · 4/15/2013

Easy to use. Hope it can be trusted to get you in the ballpark for estimated taxes due upon filing an extension.

Ronel · 12/17/2012

Great app, very easy to use. Met my needs and expectations!

KITS1008 · 7/26/2012

Nice useful app :)

iknowsingh · 2/11/2012

Very solid app, just used it and it seems accurate. The interface is great and its very easy to use. Its nice to see bigger companies supporting Windows Phone!