• Windows, Mac or Linux --- Remotely control any computer within seconds
  • Highest security standard --- 256 Bit AES Session Encoding and 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange
  • Integrated computers & contacts list --- See the online status of your partners and connect to them via quick access
  • No configuration --- Effortless access to remote computers even behind firewalls and proxy servers
  • Multitasking --- Switch to other apps or to your desktop, e.g. to use the clipboard, while the remote control session remains open in the background.
  • Wake-on-LAN --- Switch on your computer remotely
  • Simple reboot --- Reboot remote computers or servers from anywhere
  • Multi monitor --- Switch between multiple screens easily

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• TeamViewer 10 • Minor bug fixes and improvements

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gerald · 7/6/2015
Great Application

I use this thing a lot. have not had any problems with it. sign in, sign out really easy. I recommend this application for anyone. Update. Been using for months. Still love it

Reviewer 7573 · 7/11/2015

I would give this zero stars if possible. The app only allows you to control other computers, not allow anyone to remotely hook up to yours. Then it wants you to download a desktop application app that states it will allow people to remotely connect to you but it isn't available in the store. While under the quick guide in the store it tells you to download from the team viewer website it is not possible because you have to use the store to download anything. This app is awful and quite pointless. It is a major waste of time and memory.

Chunde · 6/28/2014
Poor design

The first time I open the app, I can only create account, then I find now where to setup connection, only an silly smile face. Are you guys really software engineers? I am wondering how to develop such bad user experience. I can do the same thing much more better than your guys. you probably need to provide more better way to guide users. Even I finally know how to use it, the experience is so unhappy!

D. Mike · 3/4/2015
Just OK - but missing all good features!

I used this on a Droid tablet. missing send ctrl alt del tool? You even have that on there iphone version? Where are all the other features? I can not host a meeting with my windows tablet? C'mon this is the most powerful tablet on the market. Why are all the programs so limited and powerless? don't even have the options to stretch out the resolution. Its either going to mess up the resolution on the server side or you are stuck with a small square screen that no windows applications look right in or fit. This sucks!

Tom · 10/17/2014

I use teamviewer for work, and for personal use. The desktop version is great, but this version is also very nice on my tablet. Thanks for supporting win8!

Brandon · 9/21/2014
Wish you could pin computers to the start screen.

Good basic app for remoteing into computers. still need the desktop app to receive incoming connections though. Wish you could pin computers to the start screen for faster connecting.

Shai · 6/1/2014
Great start

No mention of being able to connect to the modern app. Assuming this means I can't connect to a Surface 2, either? Shame. But still, having an app that functions on some level is better than many companies do. Props!

Muhammad · 5/26/2014
Great App.

This is the most reliable, fantastic and efficient application for windows 8.1. A perfect app for remote access to the computer.

Stephen · 4/25/2014

I am still novice with it. I appreciate Teamviewer letting us use this personally for the rare times we need to log into a friend's PC across town to help him with something. Or if I am at school and need to check my PC. I love the Windows 8 app, but so far have not been able to get the Windows Phone App to work. Maybe because I am using Windows Phone 8.1. Sure you will update it to work. Thanks.

Tim · 4/24/2014
Was 5 stars, today its 3 stars, hope to be 5 again

I have a Samsung Ativ Smart PC, original Surface RT, and just got a AT&T Asus Vivo Tab RT. MY PROBLEM: For some crazy reason I thought I'd log into my account just to look in there instead of logging into one of my PCs and I didn't even need to. Guess it was a stupid impulse. It still works but now the account log in side of app has the constant spinning hanging wheel like it wants to load something from 1st moment I launch the app until I'm finished using it. It basically won't log in because I think it never logged out last time I was in it? But it also won't connect into my account now. Its fine PC to PC but account is unreachable. I've restarted my tab, killed teamviewer in task manager, and no matter what the account log in side just hangs. The moment this stops happening and I can actually log in and out of account it will be back to 5 stars. I don't understand? I have used teamviewer for a couple years now before windows 8 even existed and have loved it. Don't know what this is?

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