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Reviewer 1539 · 8/27/2015
Wonderful that the world's brightest idea's are online

TED is great, balanced, with the brightest of speakers who offer new insights and inspire to create own perceptions in ways commercially driven broadcast stations never could. Broadcasters are fine if you want to enjoy the couch - but TED not only keeps you awake - it awakens parts of you that you didn't realize were asleep. Through this increased awareness, it is easier to realize that we can act and we are the only ones responsible to act. TED inspires me to have a deeper attitude towards life, to participate and co-create in more ways. The TED platform is a new Athens and the speakers are the new Socrates urging us to "realize" and think so to do. There are other great platforms as well - like National Geographic or Wikipedia. But few have such a capability to influence others. For me, the greatest example of a real TED impact is Ken Robinson's question if schools killed productivity. They did. Look at silicon valley: it's the creativity that makes it successful. Enjoy it!

Akash · 8/18/2015
Good App but could use a few enhancements and fixes.

Like - All videos are here. Dislike - Can't Favorite videos or make playlists of my own

vaughn · 8/16/2015
Real Talk

Many influential speeches on a variety of issues that affect us all as a whole.

Shane · 8/13/2015
Keeps me going at work

Love Ted, but starting to think the speech library leans more left. I would like a balance of opinions.

Laurie · 8/25/2015
Love It!

I love the insights to so many topics. I really enjoy TED, thanks

Crystal · 8/31/2015
where is control slider in video player???

video player is very poor

Pardeep · 7/31/2015
UI looking nice on Windows 10

improve video quality

Bennett · 8/22/2015
not at all even close to the iPhone app

Cannot sign in to my long time TED account, in fact cannot even create a new account. No apparent provision to read the TED books I pay for annually on iTunes. I don't care who collects the fee, Iam under contract with TED, so services paid for should be across all platforms and apps.

Robert · 3/27/2015
Sign in function is useless...

When I try to sign in through the app, it never completes the sign in, so I am not able to access my playlists and saved talks from the website. I would like to see this fixed so I can do nearly everything from the app and not have to go to the website. Other than that, the layout is nice and the videos are always great. Please fix the bugs with this app and it will get 5 stars for sure.

Justin · 4/10/2015

Allows you to have a pinned tile almost as if pinning the TED page to Start screen. But mainly at this point a glorified web browser app. Hopefully it's a start of eventual deeper development though.


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