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Robert · 3/27/2015
Sign in function is useless...

When I try to sign in through the app, it never completes the sign in, so I am not able to access my playlists and saved talks from the website. I would like to see this fixed so I can do nearly everything from the app and not have to go to the website. Other than that, the layout is nice and the videos are always great. Please fix the bugs with this app and it will get 5 stars for sure.

Pardeep · 7/31/2015
UI looking nice on Windows 10

improve video quality

Justin · 4/10/2015

Allows you to have a pinned tile almost as if pinning the TED page to Start screen. But mainly at this point a glorified web browser app. Hopefully it's a start of eventual deeper development though.

David · 8/1/2015
Add Search

Please add search option in the app and browse categories and everything like TED website

Nick · 3/10/2015

Awful. Does not even play with lock screen like YouTube does.

Patrick · 1/28/2015
No search? you want to tell us what to watch?

With such an incredible multitude of TED talks it seems very unlogical to publish an app without a search function. Is it so hard to program? Or is there another reason I simply cannot fathom? And then I have a screen with 3200 x 2000 something pixels and you have videos with at least 720p - so why not let me choose what resolution I would like according to my internet connection/viewing preferences? OK app but needs basic functions - like NEARLY ALL WINDOWS 8 apps. I wonder how come that all apps I am trying have these basic flaws...

Frederick · 10/19/2014
Love the layout and content

TED is an excellent way to gain insight into important topics and continue to learn. The speeches are just amazing. Highly recommend this app.

Mohamed · 10/19/2014
Update: Better but still bad with touchscreens

I'm still using the old app I had called Talks because touchscreen support for this app when selecting videos barely works. But otherwise it's good. Update- now selecting videos works, but after the video is done there is no way to exit except with a keyboard. Just a big white screen.

Ryan · 9/29/2014

I absolutely love watching TED Talks, so this app is a GREAT addition to my apps list! Very easy to use, super interesting!

Christian · 9/29/2014
Excellent App!

Easy to browse and search! The only thing it needs to be perfect is a queue to watch the talks later.

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