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New in version 1.12: - Dedicated tabs for each one of your custom sticker sets in the sticker panel. Add custom stickers like - New bot API, free for everyone. If you're an engineer, create your own bots for games, services or integrations. Learn more at - Perfect Forward Secrecy support in Secret Chats - Send files of any type in Secret Chats

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Daneel · 7/28/2015

cant upload multipe pics crashes most if the time when trying to uploaf pic everytime i open chats i have to wait for the app to downloaf the text... it cant downloaf and cache them in the background. it just gives the notification cant move it to sd card and because im in many groups my phone memory fills up with telegram data ... it sucks that i have to uninstall it to het rid of the data. i tried erasing history of groups and didn't work. still has a 1.3 GB folder according to storage sense. all and all , worst telegram experience ever.

Hamid · 7/25/2015

Good app in compare of viber but still has some issues. first of all, doesn't have no looking when a file is downloading. Second of all it hard to read text messages with yellow theme. At last the white list for contact can make it awesome.

Aleksandra · 7/8/2015

It works really well. It is fast and mostly stable, although crashes sometimes when trying to send a newly taken picture. It has a few bugs: Notifications doesn't go away when you open the app and sometimes the bar for sending, attachments etc. disappears. The only thing I miss is some kind of sound or vibration when you get the message while the conversation is open, because this way you must always watch at the screen when waiting a reply. Other than that is great and very reliable!

Kristina · 7/20/2015

Absolutely love this app! Ive tried many chat apps such as line, WhatsApp, and wechat. This is by far the best. The only critique I have is that the notifications tend to stop working. So I just reinstall the app and it's fine.

nick · 7/8/2015

For a beta its basically on par with its iOS counterpart. This is a nice change from the usual. It's fast, works reliably, notifications come thru as they should, etc. The only complaint I have is that the chat feed is a bit slow to refresh when a new message comes in, even if you're already in the app. Please don't abandon this WP version of telegram like most other large popular apps seem to like to do.

ahmad · 7/13/2015

It has a so simple graphic please improve its graphic like the android one. In addition, you can not find the files you've downloaded from chats groups. Also, I am not able to limit the number of chat history messages.

Joshua · 7/7/2015

Good app, but 2 major issues: when I send an image via Telegram, it becomes corrupted and unavailable to any other application. And, when I send a message with a slow connection, instead of automatically retrying until it is able to send like Whatsapp does, Telegram quickly gives up and makes me press a "retry" button every time it fails. Fix these problems and I'll give it 5 stars. UPDATE: A recent update has caused graphics bugs and killed the attach file button (no longer even opens the gallery to choose a photo), so it's pretty much unuseable now. One star until this is fixed.

PRADEEP · 7/9/2015

Please add option to change whole app background not only chat one. New passcode feature is good, u don't need a separate app to lock 🔒 it .

sonic · 7/11/2015

One star lower because you can't delete your previous profile pictures, while android version has this feature.

Azad · 7/19/2015

Would love to be able to share content into and out of the app like in android.