• Support for MANY text encodings, from unicode to big5 to various chinese encodings (supported encodings may vary depending on your version of windows)
  • ANSI text color support, which can be turned on or off.
  • Custom font setting for each server. You can specify a comma-separated list of fonts to fall back on if the first fonts are missing glyphs.
  • Basic line-by-line terminal emulation, optimized for low latency.
  • Connect to more than one server at the same time.
  • Search hosts from anywhere with share charm support.
  • Telnet is a share target for telnet host URI shares from any application.
  • Copy/paste support for server output.
  • Snap, Filled, Portrait, and Landscape support.
  • Macros and shortcuts save on typing.
  • Roaming settings! Your favorites list follows you from your desktop to your tablet, and back again!

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Version Notes

Added type-ahead functionality to the input text box, which fills ahead based on your recent input or your shortcuts for the current host.

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Reviewer 0542 · 6/29/2015
It works.

It's good, except for lack of SSL, and it's tendency to randomly delete all your server bookmarks about once a month.

Keith · 11/14/2012
Not working correctly with Synchronet

I tried this app with Synchronet BBS and it doesn't show colors and the screen doesn't format correctly. Need to use SyncTerm for this BBS.

Aaron · 10/31/2012
Nice start...

Handy little utility, but it's a bit slow. Also, I need to be able to send a simple space character for those "press spacebar to continue" situations. It would also be nice to export/import/sync settings to SkyDrive.

steve · 9/19/2013

Counter intuitive

Reviewer 7376 · 1/5/2013
Might be useful for someone

But not me. Fails to connect to some sites, etc.

Ed · 11/9/2012

I figured Telnet would be built in. This should be free and support SSH, Serial, Telnet etc. It does work for Telnet ONLY. I'm waiting for a PuTTY or Vandyke app.

Momin · 10/8/2012

I love this app! :D

Mark · 9/20/2012

Connects fine over telnet. I didn't test too much functionality besides connecting. Doesn't support SSH, so be wary of what you're doing remotely. The app does appropriately warn you of this danger when you first start it.

Joseph · 12/5/2012
Doesn't work.

Doesn't seem to work with AIX or USS. Oh well, at least Putty still works with W8.

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