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Steven · 3/2/2014
Surface Pro problems

Onscreen keyboard on Surface Pro obscures bottom half of terminal display making it very difficult to use.

Gilbert · 9/21/2013
Bad Term Emulation

No color. Bad emulation. No scrolling. Windows don't fit fonts correctly. Probably the worst of the 3 for the Surface RT.

Denzil · 12/2/2012
Not ready for prime time.

I have been eagerly waiting for an SSH terminal app on the store so you can imagine how excited I was when I found this app. However SSH Terminal Emulator is not ready for serious SSH users. This app needs further development before I can not recommend it for anyone who requires more than rudimentary functionality.

Igor · 11/26/2012
Waiting for more features

Finally we have a SSH app for Windows 8, but we need more features for productive usage: Full screen terminal UTF-8 support

Steven · 6/25/2014
Compares favorably to old DOS com programs

The only way this is usable is if you've never used Linux, never installed PuTTY or Cygwin in Windows, and never used ConnectBot on an Android phone. ANSI support died with BBSes. I expect basic xterm-256color support. Also: Since it wasn't clear in the pictures, this is adware, it isn't free. Huge annoying ads. Surface Pro users should just install PuTTY. The Win8 look/feel isn't worth it.

Chris · 12/20/2013
clunky interface, drops connection, can't paste

The app looks pretty good. That's about the best you can say for it though, aside from the fact that it can, technically, connect over SSH. Bad interface, takes way too much tapping to do things. For example, after doing anything else with the app, you have to tap the window again to restore focus so keystrokes go to the server. Paste is broken. It's there, but you can only paste about 2 lines at once. Useless! Connection drops every time you switch apps! Terrible, especially without paste!

Robert · 3/20/2013
Does not work properly on Surface Pro

I don't see anyone else reporting this issue, but for me the bottom of the screen is not visible causing this app to be essentially useless. Full screen, large or small font, the same thing happens. Once the cursor gets to the bottom row of the terminal, you cannot see it and so cannot see what you are typing.

Kevin · 2/18/2013
Current Favorite SSH Terminal

With a wireless keyboard and mouse this makes a handy terminal that can go full screen 132x40 with the larger of its two fonts. Cut and paste from IE into the terminal works correctly, and colors show up nicely. On the down side, this program loses connections frequently and has focus problems when selecting buttons on the context menu slowing down the process of reconnecting. Selecting text to copy from the SSH terminal is pretty unusable.

Mitchell · 1/12/2013
Good and getting better

Recent releases have fixed quite a bit of the issues that the app was having. as of now, this is a pretty impressive SSH app, especially for the price!

Michael · 1/8/2013
Over all, a nice SSH client

The app does a fine job of being an ssh client/terminal. However, for private keys, it does not have key agent forwarding and thus systems with multi-hops do not work unless you have your private key at the intermediate hop. It would also be nice to have a way to keep the passphrase known for a session such that re-connecting to a server after a connection drop does not require re-entering the passphrase. I hope that when I buy it that the full screen space will be used (no more ads)



  • SSH2 connections through the internet
  • Password, Keyboard-interactive, and Public Key authentication supported
  • Fullscreen mode available
  • Resizable terminal
  • Multiple font sizes
  • Touch gestures to scroll terminal window, go fullscreen, or shrink back to windowed mode.
  • Multiple open terminals
  • Simple Metro UI to add, delete, and connect to servers
  • ANSI colors in vim, pico, and more.
  • Background connections available
  • Tested on Microsoft Surface RT

App details

Version notes

Release 10 Notes: Complete redesign of the UI optimized for Windows 8.1 Fixed some issues with screen flickering, background connections, and more. Telnet connections are available. Telnet may not work correctly for all servers, please report any bugs encountered. URLs can be opened by right clicking the Terminal and selecting one of the “quick open” urls, or opening the URL Popup which lists all available URLs in the current screen buffer. The swipe gesture can be used to switch between terminals. While using a mouse, you may also use the left and right arrow buttons on the side of terminals to switch between terminals. AppBar buttons now shrink to show all available buttons when in portrait mode. Previously, they would extend out of the available space in the AppBar. Improved the design of popups. See the complete release notes at: http://devfluid.com/?p=156 See the blog at http://www.devfluid.com for more information! This release may contain bugs, please contact support@devfluid with screenshots and details.

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