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Jan · 8/3/2015
Will not work with Windows10

Tried this app on 2 devices with Windows10. First on my Microsoft Surface Pro, it crashed every time it was opened. On my Mac, where I have a VMware Windows10 virtual machine, it rejected my login. I tried multiple times. I verified my info was correct by logging into teslamotors.com. I went back to using Tesla Connect. I'll try again after it's fixed.

Peter · 7/25/2014

Nice app, but deactivating cloud services after activating them is buggy.

Brandon · 9/16/2013

Nice looking app, but no way to force a refresh and see current car state like Tesla Connect can. Also the scrolling on the map screen is not intuitive.

Hung · 6/4/2015

Love the app. Even shows what doors are open :) to the person that says the tile is blue (it's actually red), you need to turn off accent live tiles in the app settings otherwise it will be the accent color you have set in the start+theme settings of the phone.

Thor-Kristian · 7/8/2015

Very good!!

Brian · 6/2/2015

This is a great app for my Model S. It lets me warm the car up remotely, and check on the charge level. Excellent on long trips where you want to check supercharger status while at a restaurant.

Reviewer 1738 · 7/17/2015
works well on phone & iPad

I have this app on my Android phone & iPad. However, the app on my Windows 8.1 desktop will not accept my login information. I know that the information is correct, so I do not understand the difficulty.

Vinko · 1/10/2015

Beautiful, efficient, and simple to use.

Russell · 1/6/2015

Slick design. However: Calendar integration is not working and seems to be missing a lot of integration points and full P85D support.

Sanket · 10/18/2014

Excellent app to manage my tesla


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