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Bardic · 7/30/2015

The ago is good for what it is supposed to do. I can create the ad hoc on my laptop, connect the phone, set the proxy, and I'm on the internet. A lot of programs can't work through proxy, like vnc, rdp, and WoW, but I can surf the web. I recently bought a TL-MR3040 battery powered mini router, so now I can connect my phone to it with a dhcp reservation then connect the laptop plus any android pads or other laptops. The phone always gets the same IP so I don't have to change my configuration anymore. Works great for Ingress.

Adrienne · 5/21/2015

So easy to use. Love it!

Caleb · 7/13/2015

I paid for the full version but the connection still cuts out after I've used too much bandwidth. Works great until then though.

Tim · 4/12/2015

Great, just wish the OS could use it for updates and my Samsung 3D Blue ray's Smart Hub software use it to connect to the Internet. Other than that I am a supporter and a satisfied Customer.

Mario · 7/5/2015

Very pleased with the app, has definitely come in handy while waiting for my internet service to be installed

jeremy · 5/4/2015

This app is very far from complete....constantly restarting app, changing proxy address, restarting rip off

Paul · 6/7/2015

Worked once but couldn't get it to work again. No website or any other way to get more information.

j · 5/20/2015

FINALLY got payment accepted. FINALLY got it to work. The reason you folks can't get it to work is because all the instructions are not there. No mention of having to manually change proxy numbers each and every log-in, ect. Payment required several re-boots. Seems slower than it should be, and randomly needs re-booting. It will suffice for now... Fix the bugs, or someone else will come along with something better soon enough.

Ganesh · 3/24/2015

Good. Works well as described. Instead of bothering with cmd line etc. I used my old pocket wifi router , connected PC and phone and then used this nice app. Worked like charm. Only thing I changed was browser proxy settings.

Justin · 7/22/2015

Excellent app!