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Brett · 8/8/2015
Mostly very good!

It does certainly obtain an internet connection for you to use as a temporary setup. It frequently left me suddenly offline, though, as the "proxy engine" would suddenly switch to using a different set of numbers, and thus I had to input the new numbers before I could get back online. Sometimes this will happen as frequently as every five or ten minutes! But not always. Anyway, it's a valuable app just for providing the means to a connection in a pinch, and if you just Google the things that are causing problems you can find some helpful tips on the web. So all in all it's definitely helpful and just a little annoying but for the price of free, how can one really complain?! Thanks.

Bardic · 7/30/2015

The ago is good for what it is supposed to do. I can create the ad hoc on my laptop, connect the phone, set the proxy, and I'm on the internet. A lot of programs can't work through proxy, like vnc, rdp, and WoW, but I can surf the web. I recently bought a TL-MR3040 battery powered mini router, so now I can connect my phone to it with a dhcp reservation then connect the laptop plus any android pads or other laptops. The phone always gets the same IP so I don't have to change my configuration anymore. Works great for Ingress.

Adrienne · 5/21/2015

So easy to use. Love it!

Patrick · 8/13/2015

Works great. I suggest making a script for creating the network.

Caleb · 7/13/2015

I paid for the full version but the connection still cuts out after I've used too much bandwidth. Works great until then though.

Tim · 4/12/2015

Great, just wish the OS could use it for updates and my Samsung 3D Blue ray's Smart Hub software use it to connect to the Internet. Other than that I am a supporter and a satisfied Customer.

Mario · 7/5/2015

Very pleased with the app, has definitely come in handy while waiting for my internet service to be installed

jeremy · 5/4/2015

This app is very far from complete....constantly restarting app, changing proxy address, restarting wifi....total rip off

Michelle · 7/14/2015

It works does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Paul · 6/7/2015

Worked once but couldn't get it to work again. No website or any other way to get more information.


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