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MJKHonline · 5/15/2012

Rather, useless

Daniel · 9/9/2013

Works great if you like to hold your phone straight out in front of your face when you text

darth whaler · 6/28/2012

Mishaps that occur while walking and texting are nature's way of thinking out the herd.

Joelg1980 · 6/3/2012

No complaints. Works great and has auto correct now.

JordanMckelvain · 4/24/2012

its cool but the button to choose a contact is in the way upper right hand corner, and its awkward to touch, then, when you want to send a message, it doesn't do it from there, it just goes to your text screen, there might be a way to fix it, but, idk, the picture works, but the little plus button on the bottom does not work. Needs an update.

manofwill2468 · 4/9/2012

Very good Idea and app, and for all those bad reviews who say there is no auto fill, or word corrector dictionary thing, don't be ignorant, actually try to goto setting and see if there is an option, instead of trying the app for five seconds then auto-matically assuming that it dosnt even have it. You go to setting by pressing the three dots at the botten of the screen then you goto options and then you toggle it, for all who are to silly, and lazy to try and find the option. Also, DON'T LEAVE REVIEWS THAT DON'T HELP THE ANYONE, actually say why you dislike the app. Finally, that app is good although it would be nice if auto fill was automatically on, and we (we as in the general public) could just have the option to turn it off, instead of having to turn it on, and all in all this is a very neat app.

spartan117FJNA · 4/1/2012

Hate it. It doesn't matter of u hav a camera u still focus on txtin n d camera goes away when u want to add ppl n send d msg. Either get an update (good one) or take it off d marketplace

luptaktical · 3/5/2012

does what it says. Make sure you adjust the settings to turn on auto correct.

User · 4/2/2014

Helps nothing when it transfers to you normal messages anyway. Uninstalling

tmn6338 · 5/29/2012



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