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Reviewer 3414 · 9/1/2015
Little confused...

I love Text Now, don't get me wrong, but I'm also new to the Win App Store process. Was this program optimized for a tablet, PC, or that hybrid? I have to hit my list key on my PC to give me actions (because F5 doesn't seem to refresh) that and having to refresh multiple times to actually sync my messages. It looks like it's more geared toward mobile platforms but I for one love this program because A) Straight Talk seriously hates my geographical area, not even AT&T nor T-Mobile cover it. B) Uses Wi-Fi and can use Data, really anything with Internet, I use it for Wi-Fi because it's better than having a 200 dollar POS Moto G gen 1 go from a nice 91F to 115F -.- Hey Devs', you should consider modifying the GUI to have a drop down windows feel for PC downloaders, versus this. I find this better than the web browser one on PC, I'm talking to you Firefox...

Brian · 8/26/2015
Good basic app

Good basic app for general texting and calls, but cannot find an easy way to integrate it with contacts. Given that it is new, maybe it will come.

barbara · 9/4/2015
texy now

this is a great program and easy to use thamks its great

Greg · 8/31/2015
Great concept

App works so/so on my Windows 10 computer. Unfortunately, it will crash over and over a few times each week. The concept of receiving my text messages right at the desktop is great and when it works it works well.

Ben · 8/28/2015

This app crashes often but they may just be because I am running a full system scan.... however after the scan completed the app would continuously crash. its a bit frustrating but so is windows 10.

Marleen · 8/24/2015
I <3 TextNow

I have been using textnow for many years for my business - when I stated by biz - i was on a limited budget - so limited that I did not have a cell phone - but knew that I needed to have the option to connect with potential clients or biz partners through texting - a Techie feature I needed in my biz to do Business - My daughter showed me this app - Now biz is Growing..As a business owner -Wealth - its not about how much you spend - its about how much you save - with textnow offering mobile service - at an Awesome Monthly rate - I've Upgraded and have the same Phone # I gave to my first client! Good stuff! Thank YOU m

Neo · 8/22/2015

Overall this is a great app. And prior to "upgrading" to Windows 10 I would have given it 5 stars. That being said, this app does not play well with Windows 10. Everytime I receive an inbound text I am alerted via the Notifications Panel in Windows 10. If Text Now is open, which it would be during a conversation, the app immediately crashes. In addition, when I click on a contact who has sent me a message, I am receiving a white screen instead of the conversation. I have to move the window up and down in order to see the conversation. This app is in dire need of a Windows 10 update. If it gets updated I will be back to change my rating to the 5 stars it was on Windows 8.1.

Mara · 9/4/2015
Easy to Use

I like this app because it is easy to use.

Charlie · 8/23/2015
Great app

Worked excellent on Windows 8. Needs to improve on windows 10. Can not get notifications and can not refresh own its on. Fix it ASAP

Trent · 8/19/2015
Great app - When will there be a Windows 10 update?

I love this app, I will rate it as a five as soon as it gets an update for Windows 10. It doesn't work with the Windows 10 contact system. Please update it soon. It is a great app and very convenient for anyone who is on a PC all day long. Also it is great that it is available for Windows phone as well. Please provide an update before Windows 10 Mobile is released.


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