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Reviewer 8693 · 7/22/2015
good back up if all you want to do is text...

this app is good if your phone is dead or in my case broke :-( but I just wish it had a menu button where you could set maybe a notification tone to alert you when you get a text and I cant figure out why I keep missing all these calls but there is no option to call 'em back, needs to be more user friendly....that's why I gave it a 3 give me more options and I'll give you more stars lbvs

Reviewer 6885 · 7/23/2015
This is the worse app ever

This TextNow app sucks. Every time I get on the phone, every one tells me that they can not hear me and it sounds like I'm under water and they hear a muffling sound when I talk. This app is horrible on the wifi, I lose connection all the time, my calls be dropping, when I get phone phone screen doesn't light up so I can swipe and answer my phone and that's the phone I also purchased from textnow(LG). The speaker on the phone is wack, just put it like this...everything about the phone and this textnow app was false advertised. Y'all need a whole lot of work to do with this app and this time, take y'all time with it.

Reviewer 0702 · 7/4/2015
texy now

this is a great program and easy to use thamks its great

Reviewer 2590 · 6/7/2015
is a good desktop texting app. period.

Great for texting while on the computer. feels good to text with a real keyboard. but that's all I have found any use for text now. A pain at first because you are texting people who have to get used to your "second number." Incoming call are only possible with the DESKTOP app program and the sleek windows 8 charms app doesn't notify or recognize ANY incoming calls - huge disappointment. In order to really receive a call you better have the desktop app open, speakers on, volume up and not too loud as that ringer is a true ear spilter. ouch!! Customer service is non existent and so even though they are now offering a cheap cell deal, I wouldn't trust it. they haven't fixed there texting app yet, so I am not willing yet to entrust my main phone number, cell phone etc. to them. also its true, there is no picture sending/receiving capability. they need to remove the camera icon. it erroneously makes you think you can do pictures with this app. and it's just not possible.

tara · 7/21/2015

The apps is okay but it always shows the number again when you get a text

samuel · 7/1/2015
Update please

Please give us the option to disable "the sent free from" notification, and please let us assign names to the numbers, click the yes button if you want this to happen

Reviewer 9718 · 6/18/2015

its an ok app. I use it on my pc since I don't have a phone. I can send and receive pics about half of the time, but it often just stops working. an I don't like that I cant add an keep the names instead of just phone numbers

Reviewer 3166 · 6/12/2015
great for me

unlike the other apps in this store that are not apps but guides to the app. helps a lot since I have no phone and minimum problems. also nice to send pictures

Vincent · 7/9/2015
depends on your device

I use this on both my windows 8.1 pc's and my windows 8.1 phone. the app for the phone is much friendlier than the pc's, however both become painfully buggy after a short while of continued use.

Reviewer 4744 · 5/31/2015
good but..

very nice app except very limited as far as receiving/ sending pictures.

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