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User · 8/17/2015

Just wish there were more colors to choose from. How are you supposed to save the pics that are sent to because all the options is delete or copy and copy DON'T Work!!!!!!! I want to save my pics that are sent to me I just need to know how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can't even call on the app so 3 stars

M · 8/10/2015

As a texting platform, this app is excellent - but even after the update a few days ago, I'm having push notif issues (will notify for a few, then no more), and despite saying there are new themes and UI improvements, it looks exactly the same. My biggest issue is actually that the box you type into renders everything as middle grey font on a dark background, and there's no way I've found to change it. I don't care about free calling, though it would be nice if that worked; what I care about is the UI functionality as a texting platform, and while it works, it could be so much better.

Randdy · 8/6/2015
Did not addressed the issue in recent update (2.1)

I just updated to version 2.1 five minutes ago and the issue is still the same, I CAN'T SEE WHAT I'M TYPING!!! Please Help!! I don't know what you guys did w the latest update but I can't see anything when I'm typing a message. I've changed the theme quite a few times and that doesn't fix the issue. Besides the app starts very slowly and when I hit send it takes a few seconds for the text to leave.

Rainnette · 8/10/2015

Luv the app when it works the way it supposed to but for some reason it wont allow me to call, it terminates every call I attempt even after I uninstalled/reinstalled thinking it would resolve the issue but to no avail. If this issue was fixed id give this app 5 stars.

Corey · 8/15/2015

Would give five but its late sending and receiving messages on my windows phone please fix

jill · 8/7/2015

Excellent and cheap works anywhere u have wifi which is practically everywhere. Love it!! Strongly advise u pay for minutes cheapest plan and ez to use. Find a cheap smart phone or buy a good one from their online store for low monthly payments! Whoo hoo I feel like a commercial!!

Kira · 8/8/2015

Texting works good other than instead of texts just popping up I have to refresh it constantly. And it doesn't give me notifications when I get texts so I always have to check. And for some reason it says I have unlimited calls but when I call someone and they answer (if it even goes through) it hangs up on us.

Joshua · 8/7/2015

Push notifications are horrible or maybe it's just this windows phone either way dissatisfied with the functionality of this app.

BlueCOMP · 7/25/2015

Having problems with push(?) notifications... App has to be open to receive calls, not just be running in the background. Also call quality needs review; party called using app has an almost rotary stutter. A standard ring back tone would be helpful as well so users don't think the app is not working, since the in-call timer never starts counting until the other end picks up. I'm not giving less than three stars because of the fact that this app IS free, it's an awesome alternative to paying out the ears on a monthly cell phone plan, you just need Wi-Fi. I've missed numerous calls simply because the app was not open. Please fix and I'll rate with additional two stars. Please, PLEASE... And thank you. It's on the right track.

david · 8/18/2015
Glitch in

Live tile not working Won't set my background iv reloaded it uninstall it reinstall it won't work fix it please about to Chang my texting app grrr 😠


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New in 2.1 - Theme support - Now you can customize TextNow to use some awesome new colors! - Look and feel improvements. - Incoming push message fixes. - Faster app launch times. - Lots of other bug fixes and stability improvements. 2.0: - Make/Receive Phone Calls - Use your TextNow phone number to make and receive voice calls for free! - Voicemail - Give your callers the opportunity to leave you a voice message if you happen to miss a call! - Messaging Improvements - View your call log with a contact within a conversation window. - Various other bug fixes and UI improvements. - Bug fixes. - Added a Refresh button to quickly sync up your conversations. - Added resend option for messages sent offline. - Improved message delivery. - A lot of bug fixes and stability improvements.