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Robby · 6/17/2015

It's nice to be able to dive right in to the BoM without going through the extra step it would take from a standard works app (this is loads faster too). Plus the bookmark is super easy-access, two taps to get to where you left off with minimal loading time! Insta-scripture! I also highly recommend the Margins app for the standard works, it's nice to actually be able to copy-and-paste.

User · 9/29/2013

Great app, but could it be possible to make a "share scripture" button. I have a friend whose going through some hard times, and it would just be easier to send her a scripture than to type it all out. Thanks!

Ryan · 9/24/2013

Great app! I do wish for an update that would hold my place on the page when I leave the app or turn off my screen. Over all though fantastic!

User · 7/19/2013

Simple, functional, and well designed. Only one minor complaint - the audio times out, so you cannot listen without keeping the page alive by scrolling, highlighting, etc. If I could have hands free listening, it would be 5 stars.

ariel · 2/8/2013

This app is so useful and its so basic that anyone can understand it! But to get more thorough details check out LDS Gospel Library

Doug · 12/9/2012

Great app. It's exactly what it says it is. Well designed and simple.

Duff · 11/17/2012

I absolutely love this! But do you think you guys can update it so that when you're listening to it, that you can put your phone to sleep and still listen it so it doesn't drain the battery as quick? If you guys can do that, it will be an instant 5 Stars!

KEITH · 10/28/2012

Responsive, simple, easy to use. Keep up the great work.

PureJedi · 9/23/2011

An easy and free way to get a copy of The Book of Mormon from the Mormon church. The app has a play option that will even read the book to you--like an audio book. Nice app.

Jay · 9/24/2014

App stops playing audio when screen times out. No way of saying playback from last know point. It just restarts from beginning.


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