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We've defeated some bugs and made this version the best to date! Closed caption styling is now available via the Windows Internet Options accessibility menu. View the help section for more information.

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Reviewer 9071 · 7/21/2015
off air

I watch 5 different shows Arrow, the flash, supernatural, the messengers and the vampire diaries. I just wish that they didn't all seem to go on season break at the same time. Although the messengers is still running. It makes for a really boring evening with nothing to watch. Looking forward to a couple new shows Dc's legends of tomorrow and vixen. please change the schedule just a little. I watch everything from my laptop and haven't even turned on a regular tv in months. Thanks RH P.S. Love the CW APP

Reviewer 6854 · 7/19/2015

I love this app but I don't like that the same commercials keep playing over and over its really annoying... but on the other hand this app is awesome works grate.

Reviewer 7695 · 5/24/2015
Great App

I haven't seen any of the glitches other reviews talk about. I've used this app to keep up with shows for probably a solid year on multiple devices and it has always worked great. It uploads episodes the morning after they air and they stay on for around five weeks. As far as free tv goes I can't complain.

Reviewer 5526 · 5/14/2015

I don't know about everyone else but it keeps crashing on my system. Another really annoying thing is that you can't pick up where you left off so you have to rematch all the commercials again. So if you want to watch an episode that's 30 mins long expect it to be more like 1 hour and 30 mins long because it will crash and you will have to rewatch all the commercials

Rock Out · 5/4/2015

I just wanted to write a review and get it over with, I haven't actually used this app, BUUUT, I think it will be a great way to watch you favorite shows! :D

michael · 4/12/2015

The application is fluid and intuitive but my main problem is the lock of episode air dates and number in the metro view' Just the episode name alone don't help.

Reviewer 2603 · 5/28/2015
not even working!!

the videos, they're not playing... this app is good if it actually work.

Reviewer 8030 · 5/13/2015
lot of potential

It needs to be fixed so it's more like the phone app. Right now it's missing a way to see what's the newest episode and I have a huge tv, I need better resolution, like 1080P. PLEASE PLEASE FIX IT! I'm a night owl I can't be up to watch my shows at 7pm

Reviewer 8628 · 6/13/2015

It's a great app but unlike the seed for the iPhone, it doesn't go to the next episode. And just like the seed it doesn't have any indication as to what's been watched. These would make it a lot better.

James · 3/18/2015

I have tis on my droid I love it works perfectly but download it on my windows 8.1 pc/table works when it wants, can see all listings but press play nothing happens sometimes or it just closes out the app cuz it try's to load but don't or plays a little than freezes needs work please udate with issues fixed please than I will change my rating once again.

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