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Dear reader, This update addresses an occasional issue where the app would not start up on a slow network. Thank you for reading The Economist. - The Digital editions team

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Jack · 4/19/2015

This is far superior to reading the Economist on its website on your PC. I have a Sony Ultrabook with an amazing screen and longed for reading the Economist with a similar experience to my iPad mini. Done!

Jonathan · 3/2/2015
Nice on the Surface Pro 3

It definitely looks nice to read it more as a magazine as compared to my cell phone (Android) app. Really nice - and I'm glad that The Economist invested in the Windows App version. I just wish the audio edition for a given article would keep playing as I scrolled through the other articles...

Robert · 3/14/2015
Not working with the latest updates

This app has been buggy from the begin of use on a Surface 2. Now is just say that it won't work with this device. Time for some one to upgrade. I bought a subscription and hate to be limited to reading on my phone or desk. Get with it you app developers.

Josh · 2/24/2015
Was excellent but stopped working

The app was really great, but I've been having trouble opening it in the past couple of months. The error I keep getting is "The Economist app cannot contact the server"

Filippo · 1/28/2015
Problems downloading the latest issues

This is a great application to read the Economist on Window even when you are offline. A recent update improved the text layout, with the line spacing looking much better now. Unfortunately, the app often fails to show the latest issue available, forcing me to read it on the website. The problem has been getting worse over the last few weeks

Joe · 1/23/2015
Charts too small (regression)

Recently the app updated so the total column width would expand from standard display (e.g. 4:3) to widescreen display (e.g. 16:9 or 16:10). This is a welcome change. However, there is a severe regression such that all charts are constrained to fit within ONLY ONE column. This is especially problematic for charts that have a lot of detail and are clearly intended to be displayed in a much bigger size, such as a large regional map. Currently the workaround is to enlarge the font size, which would increase the column width and in turn increase the chart. Must fix soon!

Norm · 9/13/2014
Great content, audio a big plus

This is amazing weekly content. Well presented with graphs and pictures and able to listen to all the articles. The digital subscription price is not cheap but the content and presentation make it worthwhile.

Alexander · 9/5/2014
App works smoothly

Despite numerous complaints from earlier this year posted for this app, I have no problems running it on Windows 8.1 on my Asus T-100 Transformer. Sign in worked smoothly and download of the issue for offline reading as well as audio streaming working. I do think a download of audio function would be an improvement, as well as a flip version of the entire magazine.

Everett · 8/29/2014
Great magazine, lousy app.

If a student turned in this app as a term project they would get an F. It doesn't reliably load issues, it complains my connection is slow when everything else I run downloads fine including video), it only lets me keep four issues for offline reading, it won't let me decide which four, bumping them at random when I loans a new one (Economist Support reply: "That the way it was written"). All the app does is download text and pictures and display them for reading. How hard can that be? I should be able to download as many issues as I like (as long as I've subscribed to them), keep them as long as I like, and choose which ones to delete. Anything less is just incompetent design.

Christopher · 5/24/2014
As expected, but can download audio

Good app, as you would expect of the Economist, but it is annoying that you can't download the audio version from within it, just stream it. Very strange since I've used the android app, where that's possible.

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