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  • Follow breaking news, and get real time scoring alerts and updates through live tiles and deep pinning.
  • Get expanded game views that provide in-depth game coverage.
  • Listen to your favorite ESPN podcasts including Mike and Mike, PTI with Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser and The BS Report with Bill Simmons.
  • Stay informed with comprehensive editorial content from ESPN The Magazine.
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New in Version -- Added deep-linking direct into the WatchESPN application. -- Bug fixes and performance improvements Please keep the feedback coming. The best way to send us your feedback is through the “Feedback” section found in the settings panel. We are listening and working to address your concerns. Follow us on Twitter for product updates: http://twitter.com/WindowsESPN @WindowsESPN

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Reviewer 9868 · 6/6/2015
Intentions are good, but app is crucially flawed

You can't even horizontally scroll through the content with the two-finger swipe on the touchpad. Content doesn't even refresh. Design has good intent, but not quite there yet. This app needs TLC now.

Daniel · 7/22/2015

Doesn't load consistently or update live tile.

Reviewer 6103 · 5/11/2015
Less than 1

Wish I could give it zero stars. Like others have reviewed, the app just spins and spins no-stop and the app never loads. This is on a brand new i7 notebook with 16GB RAM, and SSD, and Windows 8.1. Uninstalling now.

Sean · 4/24/2015
Working but...

Randomly returns me back to main stories page while I am reading article, doesn't seem to be reader friendly

Reviewer 4735 · 5/17/2015
Agree with the others....

Sometimes loads, sometimes not, live tile never updates, settings don't work. Other than that it's great.

David · 3/26/2015
Beware on Surface Pro 3 ...

Really like the app when it works, but it regularly freezes on the ESPN logo screen requiring that I uninstall then reinstall. Once that's done, the app may work for weeks or just hours. Curiously, the live tile always continues to update, however. That said, I give this 2 stars and not 1 because I really liked what I saw during the time that it's working. While I wish I could reorder the order in which info is displayed in the MyESPN screen, that's a quibble. Fix the technical bugs and this could be a very nice app.

Michael · 3/15/2015
Doesn't Always Work

This app is nice, and even enjoyable, when it works. It has periods when it won't load, and doesn't appear to be given much attention by ESPN tech support staff. Too bad. It really is a nice app. ESPN won't be getting my viewer attention, as a result.

Reviewer 4965 · 5/26/2015

App used to give notifications for my teams. Now no longer does. Cent save notification settings any longer. Sucks.

Eric · 3/13/2015
Not User Friendly At All

I like that I can set my favorite teams and have articles related to them move to the forefront, however, when I actually try to read an article it ALWAYS has at least one column that extends beyond the bottom of the screen and I can't scroll down to read it. I'm on a computer so I don't know if a tablet could shrink the screen to see the rest but nothing on the computer seems to work. Also, when returning to the app home page from an article it ALWAYS moves back to the beginning of the page which is quite annoying if you're looking at multiple articles near the end of the page as you have to scroll though everything you've already read again. Simply fixing those two things would bounce this to a 5 star rating.

Terry · 4/9/2015
Update needed

It functions fine on my Windows 8.1 laptop, but this app is in dire need of an update. Looks severely outdated, is laggy, and is annoying when stories have to be read on a browser outside of the app. Encouraged that the Windows phone version has been updated, and hope that means this version is not far behind. Would make sense for the app to mimic the new espn dot com layout and apps of other operating systems.

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