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Kathy · 4/23/2015
A little of this, a little of that...

While I thoroughly enjoy the flavor of news the Huffington offers, this app does leave me hungry for more - sometimes a little frustrated. The articles often allude to a video or photo gallery "above" or "below." Yet there is no link. I clicked onto a line in the text itself. A window opened & acted like it was going to load something, so I waited ... & waited ... & gave up. If you could fix these issues in a subsequent update, that would definitely be worth five stars. Thanks.

Reviewer 1688 · 6/18/2015
Limited, but why?

Not sure why the Windows format requires limited access to the same content on PC and Android phone. I'll probably keep reading only on my phone.

Reviewer 6368 · 6/2/2015

NOTHING like the Android app... and they just messed up the Android app ever more!!!!!!! Where are the comments section? Where is the Favorites section? This app seems rushed. AWFUL.

Reviewer 5839 · 5/5/2015
Doesn't refresh, no comments

This must be some bottom-shelf stripped down version. The options menu has one option - reading offline. And where are the comments for the articles? Skip the Windows version. Even their cluttered web pages are better than this piece of junk.

Doug · 11/14/2014
NEEDS SHARING CAPABILITY!!! But good otherwise.

Great for getting your Huff post news. Good looking app & live tile. However, every time I read a good article and want to pass it along to a friend I have to hunt the article down on the full website and share the link. As they write good stuff, this happens often. In fact the app may cost me more time than the site for normal use due to this. But I can only trust they'll fix it: why not make it easier for your readers to attract more readers to you. PLEASE FIX THIS! app also has issues loading pics with the articles, but I suspect this could be a settings type issue that I caused.

Reviewer 0263 · 8/23/2014
Missing sections

As far as I can tell there I no way to customize which section of Huffington post are displayed. There are several sections that I would like to be able to view that are just not there. Until then I can give this app more than one star even though in the interface works very well with what it provides.

Jim · 7/16/2014
Not good

Limited number of articles vs the full HP site. No way to sign in. Photos don't really display in context, and forget about in-line videos. Uninstalling.

Mike · 5/7/2014
Not bad

Delivers what I'm looking for... almost! Need Science added to hit 5 stars for me. Please please please add Science!

Joseph · 3/30/2014
Love the clean look, needs more content

The app has a nice, clean look. The font makes the articles easy to read. However, most of the articles are missing multimedia content -- images and videos do not show up. Also, customization to get the content you want is nearly impossible. The website has a lot more content, more channels, etc.

Sarah · 2/24/2014
Needs a lot of improvement

I downloaded the app because for some reason my Surface has issues with the website and keeps reloading the page. The app leaves a lot to be desired, for one, I can't access many of the Huffington Post articles I want because they are in areas like Huff Post UK. Also there is no search feature to allow me to find the articles I am looking for. For these reasons, I am uninstalling the app, hopefully these shortcomings will eventually be corrected and then I will reinstall, until then, it gets 1 star.

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