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4 stars out of 5
· 11/16/2015
Easy Navigation

This software is extremely user friendly, and things like scrolling, for example, are more intuitive (side-to-side, instead of up and down). Articles are easy to find, and, so far, I haven't had to put up with those irritating zulily (and other) ads.

4 stars out of 5
· 10/24/2015
It's Good!

I hope you are going to keep up with the updates and make it as good as Android version.

3 stars out of 5
· 9/23/2015
Too many glitches, please fix!

Overall, very nice app, however it is prone to crashing, does not save articles (either an error message is shown OR it says "saved" but "saved articles" is always empty). Also, I have to uninstall and reinstall app in order to actually read "up to 3 articles per day" as it often locks after reading just one article!

3 stars out of 5
· 10/22/2015
Not as functional as I'd like, needs maturing.

I appreciate the simple fact that the app exists, given that many of the apps I'm looking for (including my local newspaper) aren't available yet. It scroll easily from section to section. But I'm not seeing how to get a drop-down list of sections, or to tailor the layout for my tastes. Very plain Jane.

2 stars out of 5
· 9/10/2015
Watered down app.

This appears to simply be a re-purposing of the MSN app. At least it looks a lot like it. I don't notice truncated articles, as I did a few months ago, or else I'm not checking as well. On the other hand there are no embedded pictures or even links to pictures in the articles, and no link to the comments sections. I don't know about Apple, but the Android app is miles ahead of this.

3 stars out of 5
· 9/19/2015
Bare minimum

My wife reads NYT an iPad, and if compared to Surface's version, one can tell the iPad NYT app version is richer, interactive, full of awesome photos, rich media, slideshows, drawings, videos, etc. @NYT, please enhance the content, do not give us a sub-par experience, we are paying customers too, I feel cheated.

5 stars out of 5
· 9/4/2015
Better than paper and iPhone!

A much easier app than the iPad. The horizontal format is similar to turning the pages in a paper copy... much nicer experience.

5 stars out of 5
· 9/24/2015
Just love it

So easy to read, thanks! xxx

4 stars out of 5
· 9/1/2015
Good news app when real news is the goal...

First of all, it's the New York Times, so I feel as though I am getting as good a representation as possible. No newspaper is totally without bias, but I prefer the Times. I wish it had a search function but I can save articles since I am a NY Times subscriber. Their video section is unparalleled for excellence. I would have to give the iOS app the edge so far for ease of operation, but the Windows app is very good.

3 stars out of 5
· 8/20/2015
Needs improvement

Like the basic appearance, but there is no search function? I get links and headlines on my Android phone app, but they don't appear on the Surface Pro (Win 10) app and there is no way to search for them? Weird. Also have same experience as others with columns cut off.

stars out of 5


  • Experience our world-class multimedia with video and slide shows within articles and in the dedicated Video and Photos sections.
  • Pin sections and blogs to your Windows 8 Start Screen using live tiles.
  • Save articles or blog posts to the app's Saved section and you can enjoy your saved articles on other devices.
  • Share articles through e-mail and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter via People App.

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