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Reviewer 4104 · 7/10/2015
Good but has layout problems on my win 8.1 tablet

Some of the columns are truncated on the right side when in full screen mode. The columns next to ads are cut off. Also needs a dark theme to save battery.

Reviewer 4247 · 7/31/2015
Great Supplementary Vital World and National News

These news stories are an excellent brief addition to the limited news coverage of world and national news on both network and cable TV news that I watch every day as well as the local newspapers? For example, did you ever think how much these other media cover our neighbors in Latin America (beyond Mexico)? A great quick "Window to the World."

Reviewer 9736 · 5/18/2015
App Login Doesn't Work

This app is broken, per customer service at the NY Times. You will not be able to look at more than 3 articles per day, even after you pay for unlimited access. You will get a log in error that tells you to try again later. I cancelled my subscription. Disappointing.

W. Mark · 6/15/2015

Who calls 286 day old information "news"? The New York Times app.

Reviewer 9860 · 7/11/2015
User Unfriendly

This infuriating app thinks it knows better than me how I want to read a story. No matter where I move to in the story, it automatically snaps it back to position on every fourth column (a screenful). Why can't I position just where I want to be in the story, like I can on the index of stories screen? I don't know what the designer of this user interface was thinking of, but it certainly wasn't the user.

Tedd · 7/30/2015
Good News App

NYT is a great aggregator of this newspaper's content.

Reviewer 2991 · 5/26/2015
Windows 8 app needs updating

I have constant problems with the NY Times windows 8 app. I noticed that it was last updated more than a year ago. There appears no way to update the app on the NY Times app site. This app doesn't work very well with windows 8. I recommend NYT readers to stop subscribing until they fix it. NY Times Subscribers should demand a refund to compensate for the dismal performance of their App.

Vijay Krishna · 7/30/2015
Cannot log in

This is a pathetic app simply because you can't sing into your NYT account. And without the account signed in, you only have three free articles.

Reviewer 9696 · 6/16/2015
Good News App

I'm not sure why others complained. Gives you all the NYT headlines of the day. Most stories 1-12 hours old. Pleasure to read visually. Currently don't have NYT unlimited account but do get headlines from app.

Reviewer 2697 · 5/18/2015
logon function for unlimited access is broken

I have used this app for a number of months and the logon function is very unstable. Sometimes it works and then for days you can't logon

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