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-Bug fixes for Top Stories and other sections -Notifications for breaking news

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Bryan · 7/27/2015

Overall, very good. However, it frequently complains about not having an internet connection even though I am connected. It wouldn't bother me as much if the retry button worked. I've only been able to fix it by force-closing the app.

Reviewer 1411 · 6/25/2015
Close to a good app but too many technical issues

Poor quality. Often the app doesn't work, for example an ongoing issue over the past few months is that it claims there isn't an internet connection. And just today it has taken to displaying nothing but a blank screen. They can do better, especially with so many fellow Microsoftees reading it!

BG · 3/31/2015

Was doing pretty good then got hung and now is broken.

Sally · 3/30/2015

Doesn't update. Doesn't allow me to read an article.

Nigel · 3/5/2015

Thx for fixing the recent Top Stories refresh issue. Good app.

Jason · 9/13/2014

When it works it's nice but the app doesn't work often. Sometimes it's just a black screen, others it just sends me right back to start screen. So it's kind of lame and sad. But I'd like it to work better so I am keeping it and giving 3stars. Hope it works out! It's not for the easily frustrated.

Reviewer 8829 · 5/7/2015
Best App fro New Site Design

I've tried the apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone and by far the Windows/Windows Phone versions are the best. In fact, these apps are far superior to trying to read the new site via a web browser. I've only had one instance of the stories not re-freshing and an un-install/re-install seems to have fixed this (note: not acceptable, SeaTimes needs to fix this, but only a minor annoyance). Only other minor complaint is that some times stories appear in the incorrect section. IE: A national news story may appear in the Local news section.

Reviewer 8626 · 5/21/2015
Slow close to being a great news app.

Yes, the accolades for the aesthetics and the feel for this app are merited, but it's got to run well first. The app has difficulty reconnecting to the internet if it loses connection mid-stream or launched before a wireless connection has been established. More frustrating than that is the continued delay in refreshing content. I read a paper online much like I would a paper in print... regularly, expecting to read something new each day. I'm back to paper and the website until this improves. Too bad, it was so close to being a great news app.

Dan · 4/17/2015

Decent design but it's unusable with the bug where you hit the back arrow from an article and the app thinks it is no longer connected to the Internet. Please, please fix!

Sumit · 4/30/2015

Nice app, good visuals. One bad bug, though - read an article and hit back to get to the article list, and the app thinks it has lost connection. No amount of retry works, the only fix is to restart the app.

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