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Reviewer 0475 · 7/23/2015
Really Disappointing

I bought the Surface to be more productive than I could be with an iPad. My main use of the iPad became a simple reading tool, in particular for industry and economic information. The Surface has done everything I wanted – this app has done the opposite. The WSJ is one of my primary sources, however if this app is not improved I will be forced to look elsewhere. Primary issue – it has not updated since the day I installed, and there is not means to manually initiate a refresh. The app on iPad is far superior. Please fix.

Reviewer 1434 · 7/25/2015
WSJ falls short again delivering content via apps

Story updates are slow or non-existent (most stories on the Windows WSJ app are 60+ days old). Content and delivery across each apps and online is completely different. Expect much better from WSJ.

Brian · 8/30/2015

pretty disappointing. first off it doesn't even show the same content as the paper. it only shows the current content that's on the website. Also you can't look at older issues like you can on the ipad. This app needs an upgrade bad.

Reviewer 2729 · 6/29/2015
Also Won't Update--But got 3 months free.

Front Section won't update--everything else seems to work. Tried all the technical fixes from the reviews. Called WSJ. They were nice. Said it's a "known issues" and it would be fixed in "about a month" and in the mean time I can read it in browser. I said that's not the point--CANCEL. They offered me 3 months free digital subscription to keep me a customer. I took it... for now, and hope it gets resolved quickly. I'm no expert, but I have to think they won't do anything and roll out a new app with Windows 10 release.

Bill · 7/7/2015
Poor App

I read the WSJ online everyday and have been for years. Recently the WSJ app running on both of my Windows 8.1 devices has failed to refresh. When I open the app (even after hitting Refresh) I only see articles that are weeks old. In addition, the interface has not been updated in months, if not years, and is way behind the Internet site in terms of ease of use and available resources. I question my sanity for paying a whopping annual charge for Internet access to this app. Update - I contacted WSJ and was told the problems with the Windows 8 interface were a "known issue". That was 2 months ago and the app still will not update. BTW - the WSJ RSS feed does not work either. I think Rupert Murdock needs to replace his app developers ASAP. This is abysmal support. The absolute worst.

Reviewer 0949 · 6/26/2015
Terrible Support - App does not support Win 8.1

Nowhere on the app store does it say Windows 8.1 is not supported, but when you call support about an issue with the Front Section updating they tell you it is a "known issue" with not estimated time to resolve, no compensation for the subscription you are paying for and no other suggestions other than use the website. WSJ should disclose the lack of support for Windows 8.1 on the App Store or pull it until the technical issues are resolved. Horrible. Stay away.

Sam · 6/13/2015
Has not updated main page in months. PLEASE FIX!!!

Wall Street Journal-are you reading these reviews??? Subscribers can't login for at least 1 week. Fix your app!! Update: 12/17/14..They finally fixed logging in, but the app is not showing app story images. Update 12/26/14 App does not show images on main screen. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling but problem persists. Update 02/18/2015 - Logon is broken (again) for a few days now. Ridiculous!

Reviewer 1383 · 6/2/2015
UPDATED Feb 2015 : Could Be A LOT Better

Updated (dropped from 3 to 2 stars) This app is struggling - sadly - because it could be very nice. Regularly, the app will not allow you to sign in to your account and give an error that states: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Apparently, I am NOT the only one that has had this problem. For more than $100 / year for a subscription, you would expect to have this basic functionality. WSJ, your content is the best - but for now, I use the web version to read it - the app is not functional. Note - I still have 2 stars because you can see headlines and parts of the stories in the app - only. PREVIOUS REVIEW I have used the app on both the IPad, IPhone and now on the Surface Pro 3. It seems very rushed - and could easily be made better. Would love to see them port over the same app as used for Apple. Especially when you pay the price required for a WSJ subscription.

Reviewer 9733 · 6/10/2015
Front Page Not Updating

I really liked the app. I would get up early to field emails and read WSJ before I started the day; but over a month ago the Front Page began to not update. I would select other sections within WSJ and the news stories there were current, but over time the Front Page continued to not refresh. I tried to refresh, log out and log back in; deleted the app and reinstalled with no luck. When I use my iPad to access WSJ, all continues to be good. Front Page is updated daily. I'm trying to figure out how to contact Microsoft to discuss the issue, but so far can't find a way to do it. Therefore I'm forced to use my iPad to get WSJ content. I've been a long time Microsoft fan. But because I am so frustrated with this situation (WSJ Front Page currently standing at 47 days since being updated), I'm likely to completely bail on Microsoft at home in favor of Apple.

John · 7/30/2015
doesn't uptade - stuck - broken even on new PC

Have this app. Installed it on several windows 10 and 8 PC's Even on a brand new clean install, my data magically migrated and is STUCK over 100 days in the past now. Won't update, can't clean or clear. Terrible don't bother until there is a fix or new release.



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