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Ken · 9/1/2015

I've been an avid fan of The Weather Channel for over thirty years. Some of the changes have been a little difficult to get used to, but this one seems fairly intuitive. While I enjoy all the informative and entertaining aspects, the main value has always been instant access to conditions and forecasts at the moment.. where I am standing. I like being able to save presets for locations I'm concerned with. I like being able to scroll through past, present, and future radar and observations. Thank you for your concern and constant innovation.

Justin · 9/1/2015
Windows 10 Phone Review - Just Port it Already

Okay the App is still just stripped down & the minor updates haven't noticed any difference on Windows 10 Phone 1. Location isn't accurate, defaults to a predetermined location near your address, which shows how lazy they are by lack of GPS support (My location is a mile off) 2. When you load the weather radar it defaults to an Island in the Northern Pacific Ocean & after 10-15 sec it goes to my set location which is right off the Long Island Sound in the Atlantic Ocean. The radar must use graphics a 16 Bit platform 3. Instead of 10 Day forecast, you get 5 day "Daily Forecast" 4.Pollen Forecast only, BUT would be more useful to have all the features the App has on the other mobile platforms. The App is missing: Airport Conditions, Boat & Beach Conditions, Hurricane Forecasts, A Radar that flows smoothly & accurate that shows lightning strikes, & use of the built-in GPS for better accuracy Very disappointed this is what you think of WP user's

Peter · 9/1/2015

Attractive new graphics and interface. Just needs relative humidity & dew point added to hourly & multi-day forecasts. Or offered as options. Equally important to know as dry-bulb temperature, especially during summer on US East Coast.

James · 8/30/2015

Most of the important info is cut off on my Windows Lumia. Inferior to the older app, which showed all info clearly, although in a smaller text size. Now that you've greedily loaded down this app with a plethora of advertisements, it misdirects and hangs up often. I used to be able to use your Weather Channel app dependably, but not any more, it SUCKS!!!😠 I miss the historical records of highs and lows. The sunrise and sunset times are cut off, worthless, I can only see the minutes of the sunset time. There are problems with vertical scrolling. I cannot use the"landscape" orientation on my Lumia phone. The weather, especially temperatures, are completely INACCURATE!!! YOU COULDN'T HAVE MADE THIS APP ANY WORSE!

Timothy · 8/29/2015

Good info. Love it. However, from time to time it doesn't work for short periods. And would be better if the radar showed the movement of the storms.

Sherri · 8/29/2015

I love the new design!!! I only wish it was easier to tap on my "current" location and get the weather "where I am" at the current time. It could be my operating system (Windows Phone), but when I get weather alerts from where I am currently and I tap it on my screen, it takes me to my "home" weather. But like I said, it could be my phone. Otherwise I love the new design and all the features that you have built into it. Weather Channel ROCKS!!!!!!

Roger · 8/31/2015

The adds are a bit annoying, but overall a clean useful app

Mellisa · 8/29/2015

I use it at least three times a day! I love it.. I have three kids in school and sports and this app really helps me be prepared for the weather and allergies.

Marsha · 8/29/2015

It's fairly easy to navigate. It is frustrating when you tap the "more" and it goes back to the beginning. J use the radar feature the most and it's hard to watch both the precipitation AND notice whether you're actually looking at the recent or the projected future. The hour by hour weather forecast is not usually accurate. My local weather forecast on TV is usually more accurate. I miss having all my locations on tiles on the same screen with their current conditions. I waste time now going back and forth. The pollen count doesn't change. Does it work? It is amazing out there!

David · 8/31/2015

Still does the useful things the old version did, but takes too long to load all the shiny but ultimately tiresome and useless graphics and advertisement for weather. "It's amazing out there"- who needs to be told that every day? And the background picture, while cool, would work better as an Internet meme you see and admire once or a few times, then forget.



  • Trusted forecasts include hourly and 10-day forecast options (Celsius or Fahrenheit).
  • Weather Maps: Fast, accurate, and localized radar maps offer past and future radar as well as severe weather alerts for storm tracking and tornado activity. With map layers you can select road or sa
  • Severe Notifications and Weather Alerts: Get alerts for severe weather and high pollen counts for any of your favorite location(s).
  • “Expect rain to start at 3:15p” No more guessing! If your weather conditions are changing within 6 hrs, we let you know the time it will happen.
  • Current weather conditions give you the rainfall from the last hour, “feels like” temperature, sunrise time, sunset time, wind speed, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point, and pressure.
  • Historical weather conditions allow you to see how your forecast compares to past conditions.

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