• Trusted forecasts include hourly and 10-day forecast options (Celsius or Fahrenheit).
  • Weather Maps: Fast, accurate, and localized radar maps offer past and future radar as well as severe weather alerts for storm tracking and tornado activity. With map layers you can select road or sa
  • Severe Notifications and Weather Alerts: Get alerts for severe weather and high pollen counts for any of your favorite location(s).
  • “Expect rain to start at 3:15p” No more guessing! If your weather conditions are changing within 6 hrs, we let you know the time it will happen.
  • Current weather conditions give you the rainfall from the last hour, “feels like” temperature, sunrise time, sunset time, wind speed, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point, and pressure.
  • Historical weather conditions allow you to see how your forecast compares to past conditions.

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Check us out at weather.com, like us on facebook.com/theweatherchannel, and follow us on Twitter @weatherchannel for the latest breaking news and for tracking severe weather. Your WEATHER™ wherever and whenever you want it.

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Joe · 7/29/2015

I've tried and used a variety of weather apps, this one has everything I need in a nice, easy-to use-and-look-at package. I would recommend to anyone as the gold standard of weather apps.

Barry · 7/28/2015

The app is easy to use. I especially like the large live tile for quick reference. Tells me what I need to know without having to open the app.

Bill · 7/29/2015
Room for Improvement

As other reviewers noted, the keyboard the pops up when opening the app is annoying and it would be nice to change the background. My concern is that it either doesn't show the direction of the wind or makes it very hard to discern what the direction is. Other than these things it is a good app that cold use some refinements. 7/29/15 On Surface 3, not Pro, app frequently freezes and requires a restart. App still needs to show wind direction in the right now pane.

Caroline · 7/30/2015

Love the app it's great! Nice graphics and easy to access information.

Kevin · 7/29/2015

They've "ungraded" the GUI on this app, that comes with the good and the bad. I do think the new GUI is an improvement, but there is just something about it that doesn't go with the "flow" that windowsphone has. The other thing is that in the new radar they include future cast, which is really annoying and mot really useful. I just want to see the history and current weather maps. Pausing the map app to go back to the radar history is a pain. Future cast isn't really useful either.

Del · 7/27/2015

Pretty decent. I have 2 complaints. Sometimes it is slow to realize where my location is which makes sharing my weather useless in the app. Complaint number two is how often the app tells me to expect thunderstorms to occur at such and such time but very rarely is that ever accurate. Sometimes it is hours off and sometimes we never even get a drop. But this still is one of the better apps out there, so these two complaints I can live with.

pamela · 7/29/2015

Much improved! Love the live weather interactive screen...large font a big positive! New staff & fresh ideas at work!! I.e. Sam Champion :-)

Randy · 7/29/2015

Great App. The live tile flips between the current temperature and the 3 day forecast. Plenty more weather info in the App. You'll love this App if you're a weather geek.

M. · 7/30/2015
Superb Weather Application with One Exception

Provides accurate weather and forecast when needed; however, the option to change from 12-hour to 24-hour time format should be made available for those people who prefers either format.

Sandra · 7/28/2015

The display is now easier to read, but the app sometimes loses my default location and sometimes can't get the radar. I do like the ability to pan in and out on the radar. Also it would be nice to info about the moon phases and rise and set times. Also the application seems to be slower with updates on the right now page when loading. The right now current temperature never gets updated. It always says 75 degrees, although the tile on the Windows start page does get the current temperature updates.

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