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MeenBreen · 7/12/2012


Jim14j · 12/6/2011

Would be a much better app if the GPS locator showed you your current location.

Gecko 013 · 11/24/2011

There are a few bugs with this app that need to be addressed before being truly useful. The major one is with the review system. Currently, it allows the user to enter a zero-star review. This is a problem because that is the default rating. Even when people are writing positive reviews in the text they are accidentally not selecting a proper score which drags down the average. It completely invalidates the average review score. What the app needs to do is not allow the user to submit a zero-star review. Next, the average review score should throw away all zero-star reviews because they are not accurate and most are by mistake. The second issue with this app deals with the touch sensitivity. On the main screen you cannot swipe from screen to screen without selecting a park. Any time you try to swipe or scroll while touching a park it will select that park. It should not select the park if you perform a swipe action while touching it. Otherwise, I like this app a lot and it has great potential!

LCARS X · 11/3/2011

Tons of useful info. The UI feels a little cluttered, but that is a cosmetic thing.

Chad · 11/16/2014

Neat idea...just wish you covered parks outside of Florida. I only get down to Florida once every couple of years. Nicely constructed site though.

Ken · 8/21/2014

Please add 7 dwarfs mine train to ride times

DavidLWalker · 9/16/2012

Great app!

ByteMaster 0xFF · 8/4/2011

Great app!

David · 7/30/2013

Great & informative

Al · 9/1/2013

Wish the map could be full screened, or at least much bigger


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