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Logan · 8/20/2015
Needs a bit of work

I don't mind not having "functional" tiles that open things, but now the assigned pictures don't even change. Plus, I can't change the pics of a tile, I'd have to remake a whole new tile instead. It would also be nice if we could rotate the pics or have the tile in more sizes (wide). More time intervals would be good too, like more frequently ie every few minutes instead of minimum of 15... Needs some work and it'd be good.

Usman · 8/23/2015
Okay but...

This is the best app for pinning images on start screen, but sadly the devs are either dead or they've abandoned it without proper Win10 support, no large tile, no image cycling, its sad actually

Jonathan · 8/21/2015
At least it can launch steam games.

I wish it was able to run normal programs from the file path, but as steam uses a type of URL for its shortcuts, you can copy that into Tile Genie and launch games from there. This includes any games or programs loaded into steam as a non steam game.

Robert · 7/31/2015
WOW I'm saved!

After upgrading to Windows 10 I was disappointed to discover that OblyTile no longer worked. Luckily a message board post led me to this app which I wasn't hopeful about but IT WORKED. I was able to pin a tile to the Start menu with a custom tile image. Works perfectly so far. I wish I could do the same with Windows programs and not just websites but I'll take this. Thank you so much!

Dawn · 7/6/2015
Works fine for old tiles but won't create new ones

This app was working great when I first started using it 2+ years ago. It still works to open the tiles I've already created, but I can't create any new ones - the app minimizes if I try to click on any of the fields or if 5 seconds pass. Don't know what's going on.

Thomas · 7/15/2014
It's broken

This app doesn't work.

Steve · 2/11/2014
Needs work

Can't resize your pic. Even after closing the app I get file sharing problem when I try to resize the pic. Unusable.

Nathan · 11/5/2013

If you only want to make tiles that are linked to websites, go for it. If you want tiles to go anywhere else, this isn't the app.

AVANT · 7/31/2013

barbaad app hai kisi kaam ki nai,NON OF USE:-P

Death Before · 1/24/2015
Needs a LOT of work

I've had it since before 8 was even officially released and it has the exact same features. It needs a major over hall and update. And it'd be nice if there was some "gif" support for animated images....I find my self using Custom Tiles maker more but basically both are exactly the same. But both need major improvements.... UPDATE--As of build 9926 of windows 10 tech preview, this does NOT work anymore. So its useless now. All it does is glitch and lock up the desktop once you try to place the images on your start menu. Same with custom tiles maker, both of these apps do NOT work.



  • Pin any photo in your library to your Start Screen
  • BETA: Rotate as many images as you want on your tiles
  • Configure your tiles to open a website
  • Zoom and crop to make your collage look perfect
  • Supports bmp, png, jpg images
  • Tiles can be small or wide (or mixed). No support yet for new 8.1 sizes.
  • Easily add rows and columns

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Version notes

Version -Updated for basic Windows 8.1 compatibility -Fixed bug where Tile Genie would show up as "pinned" after web site launch Version -BETA: Added the ability to rotate images -Significantly improved reliability and performance of web site launching -Support for bmp files -Support for EXIF orientation flag (used by some digital cameras) -Added help/instructions -Added loading screen for long operations -Donation/Remove Ads button

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