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User · 1/3/2013

Boring app...doesn't do much at all. It doesn't allow me to alter my photos in any desirable way; if I wanted my photos smeared I'd just hand them to my babies. Waste of space. Don't understand the high reviews this app has received by others!

Xajuan · 11/27/2012

Does what it says easy to learn and use.

Tyslon · 10/22/2012

"was" a great app. Until last update. Can not load pictures now. All photos import at a zoom of ~400%. Can not adjust and only see a portion of the photo. App is now unusable.

bkSmiley · 12/12/2011

Unfortunate update makes the tilt shift blur look awful and uncontrollable. I was a big fan of the old release, but this new blur kernel is ridiculous. Oh well.

MarriedSephi · 3/2/2011

I really loved it until I went open up the saved photo after I was finished, that was a real let down. it looks like a lot of the "high quality rendering" actually lessens the "tilt shift" effect. would be better if what you see in the app is what you get, it should show the actual finished photo in the app before saving.

Thomas · 9/15/2013

Tilt area positioned incorrectly on Lumia 1020.

AkbarWarrior · 12/5/2011

Good app could be better but it works well.

AkbarWarrior · 12/5/2011

Good app could be better but it works well.

AmericasWarrior · 12/5/2011

Didn't seem to really do anything. Not worth the money.


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