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Kelly · 7/29/2015

This app is great! When I first got it I was very confused why it took 15 seconds to take pictures. (I was watching a fireworks show at the time so I wanted to record it). Now I have noticed there's a customization button. (I wish I found it when I downloaded it!) I as well wish I could share without upgrading. :p but otherwise. A great app! :)

Matthew · 8/3/2015

Limited app. Can't lock focus, so when used as a dash cam, the focus is all over the place. Also, I have to upgrade to save video? No thanks, should have been mad clear when downloading. Uninstalling.

Michael · 8/5/2015

Great app! Best for timelapses. Could you add support for more settings like ISO and Exposure time? That would just make it perfect.

SFC · 7/13/2015

Fail app! Stops recording just under one hour, just pics of black. Yet, during the time its recording nothing it still makes shutter noise like it is... Then you want MONEY ?! ProShot baby! Later!

Dominik · 8/14/2015

Scheduling doesn't work, and needs paid update to upload or export. Playback in the free mode is only possible with the app itself.

Bill · 6/17/2015

Easy to do, loads of fun. I think Hello Kitty is about to whoop GI Joe in a Karate fight!

Ngoc · 6/12/2015

Easy to use & it works well

Rafael · 5/11/2015

Nice app, to bad tou have to pay to save/share/upload.

Tahsin W. · 7/17/2015

Awesome app. I like it a lot...

Rohit · 4/17/2015

The app is good but the developer is one greedy a**hole. You can't save the photos to your local storage or upload them unless you pay for the full version.


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