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Charles · 6/28/2014

Titanfall really needs this!!! I have a nyko connector to get it attached to my xbox one controller and it really adds to the experience. I only give it a 3 cause the way they built it detached from smartglass and the delay for the map updating. I know its possible to get this smooth cause battlefield is smooth and so is call of duty. Lets work out the bugs fellas! What happened to the map.

Dyllan · 6/1/2014

Would be useful if it worked for can't tell data on Xbox one 😞

Ty · 5/17/2014

Can you add it for PC too? Because I only have it for that

Kendrick · 8/25/2014

Was a great app until it stop allowing titanfall to play on my One. Everytime I open the app the game just resets, on ALL my devices (1520 and SP2). Once you fix it 5 stars!

Varand · 8/1/2014

Does not connect to console. I know this is a user issue, but the very fact that it is not easy and requires troubleshooting is a downer.

Nick · 7/21/2014

No PC support, boo. 1 star might seem unfair, as I haven't actually used the app, but I spent half an hour downloading an enormous app, anticipating having a new way to interact with my (awesome) game. No dice. It doesn't seem to specify that this is Xbox One exclusive feature or anything.

Quincy · 7/17/2014

I don't find any value in this app. I'd like to discard burn cards, and see challenges in real time be completed. Or at least the in game player rank stats e.g. Who is MVP and why

Eric-Enrico · 6/2/2014

A little weird to start since you have to sync it with the actual system. Its be nice if this was just incorporated I to smartglass but the app is cool nonetheless.

Paul · 5/19/2014

It doesn't update stats unless you have the game and the app running at the same time. Otherwise I like the app.

Andrew · 5/17/2014

It's nice to have a companion app with map layouts and such, but I feel like this is entirely unnecessary given how well the Xbox One's SmartGlass works. I don't feel like we should have individual apps for our games when SmartGlass is one of the key features of Xbox One.


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