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rodney · 4/19/2015
I Like It

App is and has been working fine for me for quite some time. Nothing for Frontier Defense, but other than that, it's fine.

Michael · 9/2/2014
Good app, game map not work g

Decent companion app. It is no longer crashing the Xbox one game, but the game map isn't loading like it once did. Good game tips though and I can look through challenges.

Ronald · 8/21/2014
When it works

When it works, it's pretty cool. A full screen map and it lets you look at stats from previous games and challenges. However, since a couple of recent updates, the app has done nothing but crash the game. Don't download until it gets fixed.

Reviewer 2453 · 7/8/2015
Console Exclusive

It's limited to the Xbox One version. This app is useless for the Origin/PC version.

Tim · 8/9/2014
Crashes Titanfall once connected.

Every time I enter Titanfall without the app it works. But when I try to use this separate app (which I also Dont understand. Why didn't you use Xbox Smartglass instead of another making another app to download. Its not like you're getting to a wider audience.) But when I have both Titanfall and this app open Titanfall just doesn't work.

Alex · 7/28/2014
Mini Map not working

Everything works excluding the actual mini map part. The app shows stats and what not but its all pulled from the internet. The mini map works on my HTC One app but not my Windows 8.1 app.

Terry · 7/26/2014
Stats are wrong

I've had this app since it came out and my stats have never shown up correctly. They are off by a significant margin (ex: it is normally showing about 100 games less than I've actually played. Seems to be 6-7 days behind, perhaps?). Being able to have the large minimap on my computer screen is great, but having grossly inaccurate stats ruins the experience.

Carlos · 8/10/2014
App is Outdated!

If you try to connect to rum this app while in a game, it will end up crashing your game/ console. Hope that one day EA decides to finally update it so that it is on par with the current game patch and stops crashing the game.

Ron · 9/4/2014
Crashes the Xbox One

Doesn't crash Titanfall any longer, but there isn't a map. The entire point of this app is for the Maps.

Adam M · 5/19/2014
Good companion app

Pros: provides real time map movements of you and teammates, real time stats, works well Con: Should have a way to setup classes. Great app overall.


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