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hannah · 8/11/2015
Honest Rating

I honestly think that they produce accurate shows with high quality and great value ratings, therefore, I would have to say that this is definitely a great option to catch up on your shows. I was going to use Netflix, but it didn't have Cake Boss on it. (I'm a real sucker for cooking shows). So I came here and it was fantastic! Great review, 5 stars, well done!

Amanda · 11/28/2013
I don't like it

I don't like the app because all you can do is watch 1 minute videos. I wanted to watch full episodes of my favorite shows but I can't do that!!

Stacey · 11/18/2013
Only clips to watch

I don't like how the app shows full episodes for a second and then they disappear. If your fast enough to actually click the link it boots you out and closes the app. The only thing this app offers is clips.

Matt · 7/27/2013
Don't Waste Your Time With This One!!

C'mon TLC, really?? You go to the bother of creating an app for Win8, then you don't even have full episodes of your shows. Get with the program. I uninstalled this waste of time!

Bray · 8/3/2015

I love TLC this has to be my favorite television network!

Melissa · 11/7/2014
no full episodes

Honestly what's the point of the app if you can't watch the shows? TLC needs to step up their game because they have so many shows I enjoy. And I was really disappointed with this.

Wendy Kay · 9/16/2014
Totally useless. No full episodes

Installed this app with high hopes. Uninstalled immediately when I discovered it only had 90 second videos updated one a week.

Sydney · 6/29/2014
No full episodes?

Ok, I can't watch any full episodes? Really? Ugh.... This makes me mad.

John · 2/19/2015
Needs full episodes ????

Lame please update before myrtle manor

Daniel · 7/7/2014
learning? huh?

On an app related review, it wouldn't even open--splash screen kept minimizing itself... On a corporate review, what happened to showing educational programs on a channel called "LEARNING"? Change your name or change your shows. Please, for the sake of logic, sanity, reason, and definition.



  • THOUSANDS OF CLIPS: Check out custom-curated playlists and watch the hottest clips from all of TLC's shows.
  • SCHEDULE: Find out when your favorite show is on, and make sure you never miss an episode!

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