• See your to-do list in the live tile
  • FREE: auto-synchronize to-dos among every Windows 8 computer or tablet you use
  • Large tile supported
  • Snapped view support

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We've restarted development of the app! New exciting features are coming.

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Reviewer 2201 · 6/15/2015

So easy to use. It is great.

Reviewer 6630 · 6/4/2015
Not working right

How does this appear on the start screen?

Kelsey · 2/5/2015
Simple but good

I love that the start tile can be resized to the largest size. I love that items can be checked off. But being about to edit an item on the to-do list or to re-order them would make it a perfect app.

Tom · 10/11/2014
Needs a Print Feature

Enjoy the simplistic list of tasks, but need a way to review it when I'm not on my tablet. That would make it a five star app. Until then I remain on the hunt for one like it but with the added feature.

Zach · 9/16/2014
Easy to use

This app is easy to use, and works perfectly for a simple to use to-do list. I find that it complements the more robust features in Office perfectly.

Richard · 9/10/2014

Clear and easy to use

Flygon · 9/8/2014
Eh - Not Bad, But Not Good Either

Overall, the app isn't bad, does mostly what it says it does. Quite fast at loading up, quite handy. However, you can only have 4 to-do's at a time show up on the start screen tile. The tile also wont update if you have more than 4 to-do's. The number of different color themes for the notes is only 6, and the tile's color does not change. You also can not change the font, color, etc.

Emily · 8/25/2014
Simplicity is not enough

I wanted something simple for a to-do list that shows on the start screen, and "to-dos" does just that. However, there is no edit option or saved history of accomplished tasks. This app is lacking, but I guess I'll stick with it for its simplicity until I can find a better app

Renato · 7/15/2014
love it!!!

super easy to use...add your to-do, and when you have completed the task, check it off and it disappears. could not be easier. this app does exactly what it advertises and I love it! thank you for helping me stay organized. I only wish this was also available for my windows phone 8.1 with a shared functionality so that to-dos would appear on both screens.

Aaron · 7/6/2014
Sync with the outlook.com calendar tasks!

Great, only simple task app on the store, but a good sync option would be nice

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